Pusha T’s stove skills were questioned after trying to cook a steak


Pusha T Having made a career out of his drug-dealing past, his skills at the stove don’t seem to translate into the culinary arts.

of Chrisse The rapper tried to cure his wife, Virginia Williamscooked a steak for Valentine’s Day meal on Tuesday (February 14th). However, the end result was not a chef’s kiss.

In a text message shared on Instagram Stories, Pusha asked his wife to help him cook the steak. “Would you like it warmed up first?” When he asked, Virginia replied by instructing the bottom of the pan to be coated with oil or butter, heated thoroughly, and cooked on both sides of the steak.

The 45-year-old lyricist then sent his wife a photo of the freshly grilled slab of meat. “Zan,” she replied. “Did you burn it?”

“Happy Valentine’s Day @kingpush [crying face emojis] Sorry, I wasn’t home to cook your steak.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, well done, right??” Pusha jokingly replied on his own IG story.

Fans took to social media for a field day with Pusha T’s steak-cooking skills, resulting in his trademark Dope Boy rap under the microscope.

“And I should believe he used to cook in the kitchen (lol) He’s never seen a stove before in his life,” one wrote on Instagram, while another joked. said. kitchen. “

“‘Almost dry…'” someone else quipped. Pusha’s 2022 albumanother fan brought up a line from the 2013 song “nasal pain”: “I made it sizzle on the stove like a mini steak.”

Pyrex P’s drake and the famous beef It also provided enough ammo for puns. “Because he’s used to cooking Drake,” one fan commented, while another joked: “Drake’s single cover load.”

Away from the kitchen Pusha T is now Preparing for first release Gangsta Grillz Mixtape with DJ DramaThe pair announced the project during a Twitter Spaces conversation with Rap Radar’s Brian “B.Dot” Miller in December, and have set the bar high on Drama ever since. expected to win a Grammy Award.

“Pusha T Gangsta Grillz It’s definitely going to be spicy,” DJ said on the red carpet. 2023 Grammy Awards Early this month. “I feel like it could be the next mixtape to win a Grammy.”

King Push, on the other hand, hailed the upcoming project as “special” and hinted at bringing back Clipse’s critically acclaimed magic. We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 mixtape.

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