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TL PHOTO/CARRI GRAHAM Bev Reed and Dave Crow talk to members of the Bridgeport Village Council about an upcoming shop party at the Quick Service Bike Shop celebrating the shop’s 50th anniversary. The party will start at 8am on June 24th at the Wheeling Heritage Port on the cycle road.

BRIDGEPORT — The Quick Service Bicycle Shop will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next month with a shop party.

Family-owned bike shop Bev Reed and store employee Dave Crow met with Bridgeport Village Council on Tuesday to warn members about the store’s upcoming milestones, and to take some time off the streets of Etnaville during the week. requested that some be blocked. Event.

“My parents opened the store in 1973. We wanted to do something small for the community.” said Reed.

The event is scheduled for June 24th at the shop at 701 N. Lincoln Ave. in Bridgeport. The day begins at 8:00 AM on a festive cycle road at Wheeling Heritage Port. The shop sale runs from 10am to 2pm, followed by a free barbecue lunch from 2pm to 4pm, which also includes Brewkeeper’s beer and live music from the band Fairmay. All participants can enter for a chance to win his $50 gift card to the shop.

Crow said they expect: “Decent size crowd” This is why it is beneficial to partially close roads for events where the activity takes place outdoors.

“I’d like to get that room just for the overflowing guests and anniversary party attendees.” He said.

Reed requested that the block in front of the store be closed from noon to 5 p.m.

“It’s from the beginning of Fifth Avenue to the end of our block. There’s a rerouting on Mill Street. There are two reasons we ask. This is because people are expected to come, and because the garden and shops are small, a lot of traffic is expected. People speed like crazy on that road.” she said.

Attorney Michael Shaheen expects the party to start at noon, so to allow enough time for traffic to be rerouted, authorities decided to clear the area an hour earlier, at 11 a.m. Suggested to close. He also advised Police Chief John Bumba or an officer to conduct a patrol of the area to be closed prior to city council approval.

Reed and Crow invited city council members to attend the event.

“We have lived in Bridgeport for 50 years. We want to celebrate her (Reid’s) father-in-law and father for fixing so many appliances for all the people in the valley area. I think.” Crow said.

It was initially thought that the council would not have a sufficient quorum to approve the request, with former City Councilor Shirley Hamilton resigning last month and the absence of Councilor Robert Bennington. However, Shaheen said three of the five lawmakers were present so the council could take a vote.

A request to close part of the road on June 24 from 11am to 5pm was unanimously approved subject to Bumba’s approval.

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