Rank TV and movie zombies by their chances of survival


One of the most enjoyable things about watching zombie shows and movies, such as the HBO blockbuster, is Last of Us, comes from putting ourselves in that world and imagining what we would do. If we see a character doing something stupid or unsafe, we’re quick to point out how they could have done it differently. If a zombie is right outside your door, play a scenario of where to hide or run away. Being right next to a character makes the subgenre even scarier.

If you’re wondering about your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse, it all comes down to which show or movie you’re in. There are so many variables to consider. How many zombies are there? Who are you with? What resources do you have? Perhaps most importantly, are these slow zombies or fast zombies? Let’s see which movies and series have a better or worse chance of surviving.

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Ten World War Z (2013)

Zombies looking at Brad Pitt in 'World War Z'
Image by Skydance Productions

loosely based on the book Max Brooks, in this movie, the whole world is rapidly overrun with zombies. That alone makes your chances of survival very low. Because this is not an isolated outbreak that can simply be escaped. On top of that, if someone is bitten, it only takes a matter of seconds to become infected and turn around. not the process.If a member of your group is bitten, you don’t have much hope of escaping from them. they move at such speed usain bolt I couldn’t pass them.You can plan as much as you like, but getting into a window won’t save you. Brad Pitt Getting vaccinated can get you out of this nightmare.

9 The Last of Us (2023-)

A close-up of an infected monster from The Last of Us. It has an open mouth and a fungus-covered head.
Image via HBO

Based on the popular video game, this HBO series is a current pop culture craze, but you wouldn’t be a fan if it were real. You won’t find his ghoul shambling here. These fungus-infected monsters move at lightning speed and destroy everything in their path. Your chances of survival depend on what era you are in. If you find yourself on the first scene because the world is starting to fall apart, there is no chance of success unless you find a community quickly. have come together to form a group that builds a barricade, so you have a slightly better chance. Zombies have evolved into something worseThere’s the newly infected runner, the clicker whose brain has blossomed from his skull, and the giant, hard-to-defeat bloat.I never go out even if I’m with you Pedro Pascal.

8 28 days later (2002)

28 days later zombie
Image via 20th Century Fox

In this Danny Boyle Because of the speed of these monsters, you’re probably doomed. These zombies don’t mind eating you. they just want to kill. Their speed means there aren’t many chances on foot. It is okay if you are not in the UK during the early weeks of the outbreak. Because Britain was the first concentration of rage-infected chimpanzees after they were released from a laboratory. They’re always on the run, so they don’t have time to attack, but at least these zombies haven’t evolved. The story changes if you go to the sequel event, 28 weeks laterFinally, the virus left the British Isles and is now in France. Kiss my butt goodbye.you probably aren’t here if there is 28 months later.

7 Resident Evil (2002)

Resident Evil Zombies (2002)
Image via Constantine Films

before Last of Us, resident evil it was a big zombie gameRaccoon City has an underground research facility where genetically engineered viruses are stored. If the virus escapes, Hello Zombie! In addition to the traditional slow-moving, gluttonous zombies, there are also not-so-nice zombie dogs and lickers like Venom. The virus is contained in this area and the group you’re in is well armed, but zombies aren’t the only ones to fight. There are traitorous humans and an AI system called the Red Queen who kills people to stop the spread of the virus. If you can get to it, there is antivirus. It’s okay if you’re on the ground, but god help you with the sequel. monsters are getting craziersuper-strong and super-smart zombies, Uberlickers, mutant bioweapons, infected crows, and even giant winged monsters.

6 Return of the Living Dead (1985)

Zombies in Return of the Living Dead
Image via Orion Pictures

A horror comedy written and directed by the director. Dan O’Bannon, the same person who wrote alien, don’t overdo it with fast zombies, mutants, or flying creatures.Filled with traditional slow movers where the dead rise Accidentally released military toxic gasInfection requires a bite, and the infection strikes the body over hours, not seconds. If someone in your group gets bitten, at least you’ll have time to say goodbye before putting a bullet in their brain. Zombies are smart and can even talk. Together they hunt, using their speaking abilities as weapons such as killing paramedics, and riding on their radios to try to lure in more victims by saying “Send more paramedics”. Time is of the essence in this city. Governments are on a countdown to nuke everything off the planet. If you can get out before the bombs drop, you have a chance, otherwise you’re a failure.

Five Zombieland (2009)

clown zombie in zombieland
Image via Columbia Pictures

As you know it’s the end of the world but at least you can hang out Woody Harrelson and Emma StoneIn this world, mad cow disease mutated and turned people into fast-moving zombies. During the first outbreak, you’ll have to run for the rest of your life, but if you follow rule 1 and do a good amount of cardio, you can probably get away with them. America has become a barren wasteland, with plenty of zombie-infested places, so if you get past the initial mayhem, you have a better chance. Please do not forget. For example, make sure to double tap every zombie you shoot. Stay focused on survival and don’t give in to your sweet tooth lust for Twinkies.if you can find Bill Murray‘s house, stay there. It was safe and he found a way to make it, For the love of God please don’t shoot the man!.

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Four The Walking Dead (2010-2022)

walking dead zombie
Image via AMC

The apocalypse has come in the form of zombies. If it’s one-on-one, it doesn’t move, so it doesn’t pose much of a threat, but if it gets caught in a flock, it’s a big deal. Your best chance of survival is to find other armed people. This could also be your biggest risk, as it’s as bad as zombies. people can get even worseIf possible, stay alone at first and if you find a group, observe from the outside for as long as possible before joining the group. That way you can decide if they will be your friend or your enemy. One good way to survive is to cover yourself with zombie guts. It’s disgusting, but walkers can’t smell you, so you can move freely between walkers. Even better, don a zombie face mask to complete your transformation.

3 dawn of the dead (1978)

A horde of zombies heading towards the camera in Dawn of the Dead
Image via United Film Distribution Company

It has been several years since the first outbreak in George Romeroof zombie night. the dead now walk the earth, but these green-skinned zombies are incredibly stupid and slow, unlike the fast-moving zombies if you find yourself in the 2004 remake. Most important to find. Try to find groups with special skills. Zombies can’t fly and air travel is almost nonexistent, so his one with a helicopter pilot is a great idea. It’s also a smart plan to tag along with some cops. A perfect place to be. Everything you need is in the mall and lots of space to hide. But stay vigilant. Bad people will always come out. If some of them find your lair, don’t confront them. Keep your head down and let the zombies deal with it.

2 Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead
Image via Universal Pictures

In this Edgar Wright The world, a zombie outbreak has just begun, and it’s the slow shamblers that have to deal with. Cardio is not your number one concern. These zombies are very powerful, but you will still see and hear them coming. Progress means fewer zombies at first, but as people panic and get bitten, zombies multiply rapidly. While you might think it’s a good idea to barricade an area like your favorite bar, the more people you enter in a public space, the more zombies will spawn and you’ll be in danger. You can get through this if you hide yourself on the outskirts of town and take it seriously.you can still keep them by keeping them chained up in a hut.

1 Night of the Living Dead (1968)

A still from
Image by Continental Distributing

This is how the modern zombie was bornHere the dead rise from their graves because of the return of a satellite from Venus that brought strange radiation. Your best chance of surviving a fictional zombie outbreak is to be in this world. They can be overtaken and easily knocked down by a bullet to the head, and are even afraid of fire. But don’t underestimate it. Their corrupt brains are not slow. They can form groups and break through boarded-up windows and doors. Panic turns people into cowards, causes bad decisions, and poses as great a threat as a reanimated ghoul. Zombie-killing parties are known to shoot innocent people under the assumption that they are undead. If you see someone with a gun, act lively. Talk, wave your arms, jump, dance, do whatever you can to avoid being shot in the head.

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