Ready for the Apocalypse? Chickens and antibiotics are a must.


One writer (and doomsday prepper) shared his secret

Chickens raised in a backyard chicken coop.  Doomsday preppers are big fans of raising their own chickens.

If someone in your household recently started raising chickens, it might be worth asking how they feel about the apocalypse.

Much of the discussion these days about people preparing for social collapse steps taken By someone absurdly wealthy to protect themselves should that happen.this too Purchasing a high-tech bunker And enough real estate — and utilize available resources to protect yourself from potential risks. But, as the writer takes Ewan Morrison, it doesn’t quite accurately describe the majority of the “prepper” subculture.

Morrison is the author of a novel in which characters prepare for the end of the world (how to survive everything), but he has actually done the same he explained Recent articles on CrimeReadsSome years ago, Morrison and his wife “began to fear a phenomenon that might lead to the collapse of civilization” and began stockpiling supplies and researching ways to live independently.

Reflecting on what he’s learned from the process, Morrison shared some tips for becoming a prepper. He also notes that chickens are a hot commodity among preppers. “If someone keeps a flock of chickens, they must have a whole crop survival system they haven’t told you about,” he writes.

Elsewhere in this article, Morrison argues that preppers don’t always fit the survivalist profile, despite the two groups being associated in many people’s minds. And he goes on to offer some other practical suggestions for those who expect to spend a lot of time in isolation. Books and musical instruments can help a lot.

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