“Regularly monitor the situation and ensure the whole process is uninterrupted.”

“There were no crowds anywhere yesterday. We are monitoring the situation regularly. We do not see any concerns or major problems. Trade and business activity continues,” Das said. said at the event it hosted. Indian Industry (CII).

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Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das assured Wednesday that the exchange process for the 2,000 rupee note will not be interrupted.
The exchange system for the 2,000 rupee note, which was withdrawn from circulation on 19 May, began on 23 May. The RBI has given time to exchange banknotes until 30 September 2023.

“There were no people anywhere yesterday. We are monitoring the situation regularly. said at an event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).

“The whole process is uninterrupted. We have done an analysis on it,” he added.

Das said the 2,000 rupee note was introduced to replenish the system with the value of the currency stripped of its status as legal tender during the abolition.

“In our assessment, we thought[the 2,000 rupee note]served its purpose. It will not be used in transactions. Just being there can create another collateral issue,” Das said.

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Date first published: May 25, 2023, 00:06 IST

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