Reveleer Announces Acquisition of MDPortals to Enhance Comprehensive Risk Reconciliation Technology with Real-Time Access to Clinical and Claims Data

Enhanced functionality will give payers and providers a holistic view of their members’ health in the point of care

glendale, california, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Reveleer, a healthcare technology company that uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to power data-driven medicine for health insurance plans and at-risk providers, Today we announced that we have acquired one of the best companies in the industry, MDPortals. A class expected risk adjustment platform. The acquisition will enable payers and at-risk providers to accurately and efficiently reflect members’ true Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores while closing care gaps in the healthcare setting. , which enhances Reveleer’s retrospective and prospective risk adjustment solutions.

“By leveraging our AI-enabled platform with NLP and the high degree of interoperability of MDPortals, we will be able to provide healthcare providers with a pre-clinical clinical overview of patients within their EHR workflows at the point of care. ,” he said. Jay Ackerman, CEO and President of Reveleer. “By putting this overview directly into the hands of healthcare providers, including a comprehensive view of their preventive care needs with links to past and suspected diagnoses and supporting data, our customers are actively We are making proactive and retroactive risk management alike viable.A large-scale – value-based care transformative.”

Health plans need access to real-time claims and clinical data, but providers face cumbersome manual workflows that take time away from patient care. MDPortals aggregates patient intelligence from sources across the continuum of care into one composite longitudinal health record, creating more efficient workflows.

Health plans and at-risk providers can benefit from a forward-looking view of patient conditions and treatments. These recent enhancements enhance Reveleer’s prospective and retroactive risk adjustment solutions by:

  • Unlock access to rich and heterogeneous clinical data sources from outside the boundaries of both healthcare planning and healthcare systems. The Reveleer platform aggregates comprehensive patient information from disparate sources of medical claims data and rich unstructured data. Eighty percent of all available data sources include electronic health record (EHR) data from community health providers, hospitals, specialists, prescriptions, and laboratories. , and Health Information Exchange (HIE) data.
  • Provides a concise, evidence-based pre-patient overview. A compendium of patient information is what health care providers look for to determine a diagnosis, and because the information contains important links to supporting evidence, health care providers can Get reliable clinical information at your fingertips to support more accurate coding.
  • Delivers doctor-designed features Actionable data embedded in EHR workflows: Healthcare providers embrace behavioral change with an efficient and streamlined clinician experience that facilitates diagnostic validation and documentation.

“We are thrilled to be joining Reveleer and look forward to working with such a respected and innovative team,” said Omar Salah, Founder of MDPortals. “We believe that together we can provide payers and at-risk providers the solutions they need to deliver more streamlined workflows at the point of care.”

On the back of recent capital investment, Reveleer continues its momentum to expand its risk alignment, quality improvement and membership management solutions for payers and providers, resulting in the most comprehensive workflow, data and analytics offering on the market. is realized. By acquiring Dynamic Healthcare Systems in 2022 and MDPortals in 2023, Reveleer will be able to meet customer and market needs, aggressively close healthcare gaps, improve patient outcomes and enhance financial performance. , making success in value-based care a reality.

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Reveleer is a healthcare-focused, technology-driven workflow, data, and analytics company that uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver quality data to healthcare plans and at-risk healthcare providers. Enhance remediation, risk adjustment and management of healthcare services. and membership management programs. The Reveleer platform enables plans to independently execute and manage all aspects of registration, provider outreach, data acquisition, coding, abstraction, reporting, and submission using one innovative solution. Reveleer leverages proprietary technology, robust datasets, and subject matter expertise to provide a complete records retrieval and review service, enabling healthcare plans to develop programs that deliver more value and improved outcomes. Plan and execute with confidence. Learn more about Reveler here.

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