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I received my trekker kit from Kelly Kettle just before WinterMoot, so a week in the woods was the perfect opportunity to test that pace.

I have reviewed several Kelly Kettles over the last 20 years, but none are this small and suitable for solo trekking. lid), grill, gripper handle, pot support, 350ml cup (with silicone coulip), and a carrying bag that holds it all.

Ultimately it is the Kelly Kettle, a design that has proven itself over the past 100 years. It excels at boiling water, which has always been its main goal. With a capacity of 600ml, it definitely falls into the personal cookset category. This small rocket stove provides enough water for a large hot drink.

However, if you want something bigger, check out Kelly Kettle’s other products.

It burns hot and boils water quickly in 3-4 minutes. Of course, you can always boil more water if you have a companion. The Trekker is easy to handle and is safe if you follow the instructions and fill it with hot water.

The fuel can be anything from sticks to pine cones. Of course, a dryer would be better, but once it’s lit, it does an excellent job of drying out damp wood that’s forced to use dry fuel. You can not use it. It’s nice to have some kind of fire starter, but you can light it any way you like.

Due to its small size, there is not much room for fuel in the base, so if you are running for more than a few minutes, you need a ready supply and you need to keep fueling. is easy. Just drop it from the top of the kettle and it will land on the base/brazier and ignite it. Be careful not to

The Trekker ‘kit’ comes with additional accessories that turn the kettle into a rice cooker. While this works well with the larger sets (1.2 & 1.6lt), I found cooking with this smaller set with the included pan and lid/pan to be a completely different experience. To be honest, I don’t use them, I replace them with larger pots that hold more than eggs. Ultimately, it’s not the best size for cooking a meal or heating food you’re carrying.

So replacing the pot with a larger one, even if it adds a few grams of weight, makes it much more convenient and ultimately easier.

The green silicon whistle is cool. It’ll let you know when the water is boiling, so it’s safer than an old cork that you accidentally left in.

A grill is a good idea, but it also suffers from the lack of size. The idea is that after you boil the water there is an embers/fire and you can put the 2 piece grill on the heat but it’s too close to/light the embers and it’s too fiddly to cook directly. If you want to heat a pot or cup, you can put it here for a minute or two, but it will quickly run out of fuel.

If you put your pot on the fire/base and don’t use a kettle, you can use the Hobo Stove Accessory to do this. This is at the base and lifts the pot to allow for more fuel meaning more heat or more heat The distance between the heat and the pit gives you more control if you are trying to simmer becomes possible. This works well as long as the base unit sets the level.


The water heater is great and I would gladly take it with me when I need hot water. Easy to use, strong as nails, no moving parts, and impervious to the elements and dirt. No need to carry gasoline or fuel, you can rely on it because you can get what you need when you need it. You can even store your bonfire and fuel in the stove funnel so you’re ready to go when it stops.
If you change the pot to a larger one, the range of cooking will expand.

With a few tweaks this is the cracking bit in the kit you can check out here.

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