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Knives may be the centerpiece of the multi-tool world, but axes and hatchets show up more often than you might expect.we have seen number another ax/machete multi tool Developed for many different uses over the years the purposeStartup Roamer Korea has unveiled its latest NOA all-in-one Forest Axe. This is a multi-tool with useful tools and accessories hidden in a modular handle under a razor-sharp ax blade. The compact NOA can be easily stowed in a car, backpack, or even belt, and all in all he offers nine functions, including starting fire after decomposing igniter and fuel.

NOA stands for “Not Ordinary Axe” and Roamer’s debut is no ordinary pocket knife.we saw modular handle multi-tool There used to be, but they often take the form of oversized axes and shovels that look cool in photos or are attached to cars, but not so practical to carry on foot. Although it has shrunk to a more practical handheld size, it still managed to pack a lot of useful features.

NOA’s 16 inch (41 cm) modular aluminum alloy handle features two main sections and two small instrument caps at the ends. They can all be twisted together to create a complete ax, then quickly split to reveal additional tools and functions. You can create a knife with an integrated bottle opener.

Roamer NOA Component Breakdown

Romer Korea

Two end caps house a series of small tools. The Survival Whistle also includes an integrated fire starter designed to work with the knife to create sparks, making it a very handy pocket tool in its own right. for better grip and can be popped out and used as a whistle. The final removable end cap contains a small compass. It’s not a high-tech piece of navigation engineering, but it’s better than nothing in a pinch.

Finally, attach a thin rope to the end of the handle to keep twine handy for hanging your NOA, changing boot laces, or tying pieces of shelter together.

Spark tinder that starts fire
Spark tinder that starts fire

Romer Korea

As far as stainless steel ax heads go, Roamer Korea aimed to find the perfect middle ground between weight and imprecision and inefficient lightness and smallness. The NOA ax is designed to be easy to carry and effective for cutting, splitting and shaping. The blade is 3 inches (7.8 cm).

The 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) wide ax head also has a hammer and is suitable for everything from driving tent pegs into the dirt to driving actual nails. A two-piece leather sheath encases the ax blade and handle for clean, safe storage and transport. A full NOA weighs him 2.2 pounds (1 kg).

Roamer NOA is easy to carry.
Roamer NOA is easy to carry.

Romer Korea

Roamer Korea has been working on NOA since its establishment in early 2021. Indiegogo Campaign To raise the US$10,000 needed for the final push to the market. NOA is available with pledge levels starting at $99, saving 38% off the estimated retail price of $160. Assuming the campaign is successful and Roamer Korea’s schedule proceeds as planned, shipments will begin in December.

See NOA in action in the video below.

NOA All-in-one Modified Forest Ax

sauce: Romer Korea

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