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It’s official — Ross Chastain has a serious NASCAR rebellion of his handand the pitchfork-wielding mob seems to be gaining new members every week.

Welcome to the team, Kyle Larson! Also welcome Rick Hendrick!

The former called it “hacking” after wrecking more of Ross the Boss, but the latter makes a clear statement: it’s going to be hard to win a championship with all the enemies Wreckin’ Ross has created.

We’ll talk about these angry duo later.

What an amazing car race at Darlington on Sunday. Well, never mind that — what a fantastic final 150 laps. wild stuff. Predictable, but wild nonetheless.

Yes, Ross Chastain was once again a central figure in the transition (not the Dylan Mulvaney type) for all the wrong reasons. to the dark side. Let’s talk a lot about Ross.

But there’s Bubba Wallace blaming NASCAR crap and apologizing for future fines, Chase Elliott hating himself despite finishing third, and Kyle Busch getting mad at ‘idiots’. and returned for the first time in years when Ryan Newman was about to lose. lung.

Welcome back, Rocketman!

Four tires, some fuel, and maybe a few extras as Ross Chastain’s security guards…Monday morning pit stop – “This guy really wants to die” – is live!

Ross Chastain has a NASCAR rebellion.
Everyone loves Ross Chastain! (Photo credit: David Jensen/Getty Images)

Ross Chastain Eliminates Kyle Larson in NASCAR Mutiny Outbreak

The irony of Chastain beating Larson late on Sunday is that Kyle himself actually said on last week’s podcast that all the drama could make Ross quickly become NASCAR’s most popular driver. That’s what I said.

true story. I don’t want to pick up soundbites, but trust me. why would i make it up?

Anyway, fast forward a few days and Chastain has pretty much proven Kyle’s claim? The reputation NASCAR wants and the villain it needs, boss Ross brandishing a red lightsaber and slaughtering anyone in his path. .

roll the tape!

Now, credit to Ross for talking to me after the race. What he spat out was laughable crap, but at least he talked. The same can’t be said for Kyle Larson, who admits he’s not a martial artist, but he didn’t speak to anyone after the race.

Hey Kyle — hit people with your hand or your mouth. Choose one or the other, but not both. We are in the content business here.

Larson chose a few words to everyone’s favorite driver from inside his car before fleeing after the accident.

Ross Chastain Hasn’t Won This Yet, But NASCAR Loves It

At least Larson’s crew chief Cliff Daniels has some issues with him. Cliffy, keep making that list Billy Madison-esque!

Ok, let’s talk about that. Let’s put some air in.

No, I don’t think Ross Chastain should really destroy people… yet. he didn’t get it.

I know everyone wants to act like they’re next Dale Earnhardt — Don’t yell, said Dale Jr. last week! — But there’s a pretty big caveat there.

Dale was a hole on the track after getting it. after he won the championship. After he earned respect in the garage.

Ross Chastain hasn’t gotten anything yet. He has started in 164 cup races, winning two.


I know NASCAR loves this ratings mayhem, and so do I, by the way, Chastain’s bosses (Pitbull! and Justin Marks) are bingeing on this free pub. Don’t blame them either.

But when NASCAR’s most successful owner issues this little warning, it may be time to put it back on ASAP.

Bubba Wallace criticizes NASCAR BS

By the way, how awesome was Awesome Bill from Dawsonville at the FOX booth yesterday? If GPS’s voice could be made to sound like one person in the world, it would be Bill Elliott.

Look, Ross Chastain is great for my business. He’s a pageview machine now. He’s not going to complain, but there’s going to be trouble here too soon. It may not be next week’s All-Star race, but someone is going to punch him in the ass this summer, and the guards aren’t going to be there to stop it.

Again, I stand by it 100%, but us guys, like any other out of shape loser, better start hitting the gym before Memorial Day. .

Yes, Kyle Bush is certainly a candidate! So are Denny Hamlin, Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson (although he refuses to fight like a loser) and many others.

Ross, let’s hope it’s not Kyle. He doesn’t want that smoke.

Let’s keep going!

Bubba Wallace — Another content machine — You were in a good mood after finishing 5th yesterday!

“Sorry Dr. Prepper, but that was BULLSH*T,” Outkick’s favorite driver told MRN after the race.


By the way, Baba has a point. He was quick at Darlington and probably had a winning car, but on the final restart he was behind the three damaged cars of Chase Elliott, Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick.

The trio got caught up in Chastain’s bullshit a few laps ago, but NASCAR decided they were cautiously maintaining enough speed to regain their positions before the final restart.

So Bubba, a better, undamaged car, fell behind them. Shockingly, it didn’t work out for him.

Chase Elliott needs a hug, but NASCAR needs him to start winning

By the way, Bubba radioed the team after the race that he was going to be fined for making a small remark to MRN. love the man who gets it done

And yes i know i don’t have the audio or video of that but i was listening to the radio at the end of the race like a real american so believe what he said .

And it was great.

After “Cassin’ Bubba Wallace” had MRN producers drenched in sweat, a depressed Chase Elliott came on air, sounding like he needed a hug and maybe a beer or ten.

Wow. Chase, buddy — do you want to talk about it?

To be honest, Elliott has been pretty sick since returning from his broken leg. I don’t think he’s completely healed, so I’m pretty sure it’s having an effect. However, contrary to Chase’s words, the car wasn’t great either.

The No. 9 Chevrolet remained in the top ten even on bad days. Bad day. Since coming back from injury, I don’t think he led a lap after two cars at Talladega and one or two cars last week.

William Byron won yesterday, I know you’re in the middle of a great year, and Kyle Larson was great, but getting Chase Elliott right quickly is for NASCAR and for Hendrick Motorsports. is in the best interests of

Exhibit A: It took me nearly 2,000 characters to mention William Byron, who won yesterday’s race.

People don’t show up to pay attention to William Byron. They are not interested in him either. I’m sorry, Billy.

Welcome back, Ryan Newman!

It’s a quick conversation of a couple on their way to North Wilkesboro, starting with Ryan Newman and ending with Erin Blaney and Grill Haley Deegan.

Newman, known around the garage as Rocketman of course, returned to the track for the first time in years as a replacement for Rick Ware Racing, finishing 28th at Darlington.

It was also his first time in the new NASCAR Next Gen car, and it seemed like a perfect fit.

See you idiot?

Newman’s lines are also great. He hasn’t raced since 2021, but he’s back to see a guy named Ross Chastain screw everyone up. Hilarious.

By the way, if Ryan Newman complains about being uncomfortable in the car, you should probably listen.

If I remember correctly, he knows a thing or two about cockpit discomfort.

Erin Blaney and Hailey Deegan take us home

It’s the wildest thing I’ve ever seen live. Long live Ryan Newman!

OK, bake up Haley Deegan and William Byron’s girlfriend Erin Blaney and take them home.

For the first time in decades, we’re leaving for North Wilkesboro with a $1 million bet. can’t wait.

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