Save 30% on Amazon’s Ninja Mega Kitchen System


For those of us with limited storage space, getting an all-in-one machine saves a ton of space (and money, TBH), but we want to invest in a quality one. from many options. Currently one of the best in the home cooking industry, ninja mega kitchen systemwhich retails for $139.99 on Amazon, so don’t wait for this deal.

I literally waited 10 years to buy a blender because I couldn’t afford a Ninja, but two years ago the stars and sales matched and I got Ninja’s version of the mega kitchen system. Reader, I’m not back. More counter space means it sits on your counter forever. I make a vat of hummus for his week-long snacks, a few liters of smoothies that I prepared two or three days in advance, and (more ambitiously) blend containers filled with soup.

The parts that come with this machine provide a ton of capacity for large families and batch preppers: 16 oz smoothie cups (2 realistically enough for a side and meal in the morning), 72 oz. blending pitcher, and an 8-cup food processor bowl that takes time to make chocolate chip cookies (makes 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds).

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