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Ben Elliott (Brian Fisher – For The News Herald) catches a ball during a college game against the Cleveland Heights on April 13.

Division I

Northeast 1 Nordonia

Top seed: 2 Walsh Jesuits, 8 Glen Oak, 9 Louisville

Other Area Teams: 22 South

favorite: Walsh Jesuit

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

northeast 2 euclid

Top seed: 3 Aurora, 5 Stowe, 6 University, 11 Roosevelt

Other Area Teams: 14 Riverside, 23 Mayfield, 25 Mentor

favorite: aurora, stow, university

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Outlook: This is a loaded bracket. Aurora is the top seed, followed by Stowe, with college not too far away. The Preppers had a good win over the course of the season, but they also had some low points. Recently, the preppers have turned their luck around. In three of their last four games, the college has scored 10 or more points. In the lower half of the bracket, College will likely face Stowe in the district semifinals. A win will set them up for a showdown with the Green Men, with Evan Shapiro (signed with Kent State) and Ben Scheckterman (signed with Ohio State) potentially on the mound. The preppers first have to get around Mentor’s sneaky his 25 seed. The Cardinals have won eight of their last 12 games and continue to play well. An interesting first-round matchup will be Riverside’s third meeting with Mayfield. The two faced each other in the postseason last year, with the Wildcats winning. But the Beavers had their best two games this year. The Aurora vs. Riverside section final will be an interesting turn of events for a Beavers upset.

Northeast 3 cantons

Top seed: 1 Jackson, 4 Chardon, 7 Hoban, 10 Massillon

Other Area Teams: North 33, Euclid 34

favorite: Jackson, Chardon, Hoban

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Outlook: This bracket is one of the most interesting. The top half of the bracket has the top seed in the district pool, and the bottom half has a rematch for the D-II State Championship for the 2022 season. Chardon will advance to the stage finals on a bye and will host either No. 35 seed Cleveland JFK or No. 20 seed Canton McKinley at Manson Township Park. If Chardon wants to repeat last season’s performance, he needs to get his bat moving early instead of waiting for the finale. In a seeded matchup, the Hilltoppers would face Hoban in the district semifinals. But Ellett is an interesting No. 17 seed, so Hoban will have to focus on the stage final. The winner of Chardon-Hoban will have an interesting matchup with Jackson for a trip to the regional tournament. All three are accustomed to close combat.

Division II

Northeast 1 Struthers

Top seed: 2 Canfield, 4 Field, 5 Geneva, 6 Ursuline, 8 Polish Theological Seminary

Other Area Teams: 18 West Jouga, 21 Harvey

favorite: Canfield, Field, Geneva, Ursuline

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Outlook: This is a high-load bracket, especially in the bottom half with three top seeds. Fifth-seeded Geneva chose to advance to the stage finals via a bye, while sixth-seeded Ursuline chose the stage semi-finals leading to the final. The two met early in the season, with Ireland winning (9-1). The Eagles have won 12 of their last 15 games to clinch their first CVC Shagrin title since 2009. If the seeds are tied, the Eagles will face the fourth-seeded field and the Falcons team, who are two points behind the 12 teams in the district semifinals. few. With the Cardinals looking to return to the district round after losing to Niles McKinley in the district semifinals last year, a seeded match would see Canfield and Polish Theological Seminary play in the top half.

Northeast 2 Louisville

Top seed: 1 Alliance, 3 West Branch, 7 Hubbard, 9 Marlington

Other Area Teams: 13 NDCL, 17 Madison

favorite: Alliance West Branch

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Northeast 3 Twinsburg

Top seed: 3 Lake Catholic, 4 Norway, 7 Woodridge, 9 Kenston

favorite: catholic lake, norway

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Outlook: When seeded against each other, the top half of the district semi-finals will be Lake Catholic vs. Kenston, with a different style of season. The Cougars have been on a consistent run all season and are on a seven-game winning streak, including a win over North Royalton on the road. Lake Catholic will aim for its first regional tour since 2012. Kenston are currently 12-11 and have won four of their last six games. The Bombers’ record has been mixed, but they’ve played every game. After a tough season last season, they are gearing up to reach the DI state semifinals and hope to continue that trend this postseason. In a seeded matchup, the Cougars and Bombers would meet in the district semifinals, while Woodridge and Norwegian are in the bottom half of the bracket. 18th-seeded Padova could be a spoiler. The Bruins had some momentum heading into a doubleheader with Lake Catholic.

Northeast 4 Gilmore

Top seed: 1 Gilmour, 6 Benedict, 11 Buckeye, 12 Hawken

Other Area Teams: 21 VASJ

favorite: Gilmore, Benedictine

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Outlook: The Lancers will play at their own district round venue, giving Gilmour a home field advantage. The Lancers chose the bottom half of the bracket to earn a bye to the stage finals. If the seeds make a game and face the 11th seed, Buckeye, they could face a big challenge. Also in the bottom half of the bracket is Hawken, the 12th seed who beat the Lancers early in the season. The Hawks are aiming to return to Figgy Field and the district semifinals. A rematch between Gilmour and Hawken for a place in the district final would be an interesting showdown. Benedictine is in the top half of the bracket after earning a bye to advance to the stage finals. The Bengals will face either the 21st-seeded VASJ or the 26th-seeded Copley first, but a district semifinal against Cloverleaf could be a very interesting matchup. The Bengals have strong pitching and will be looking for ways to calm the Cloverleaf lineup, which has scored five or more points in 12 games.

Division III

Northeast 1 Struthers

Top seed: 1 Lakeview, 4 Kirtland, 5 Garrettsville, 8 Perry

Other Area Teams: 10 Berkshire, 13 Cardinal

favorite: Lakeview, Kirtland, Garrettsville

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Outlook: This bracket may be the most interesting to see. Kirtland took a bye in the section final in the bottom half of the bracket. The Hornets will face Colombiana before potentially facing Garrettsville in the district semifinals if the seed advances. Kirtland will field a strong young group into the tournament to further strengthen CVC Valley’s championship season. There are several stories in the top half. Perry will face the 23rd seed Southeast while Berkshire will face the 21st seed Grand Valley. If the seed wins, CVC rivals across divisions will face each other in the section finals. Both teams have welcomed many young talents and are looking to build strong regular seasons ahead of trips to the district rounds. Cardinal may contain spoilers. A win over the 25th-seeded Liberty will send the Huskies to top-seeded Lakeview. If Jake Bean takes the mound in that game, things could get messy for the Bulldogs.

Northeast 3 Norway

Top seed: 3 Waynedale, 4 Chagrin Falls, 5 Black River, 9 Beachwood

favorite: Waynedale, Chagrin Falls, Black River

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Outlook: It’s been a season full of ups and downs for the young Tigers as hitters explore their swings. The pitchers keep their opponents down to about 4 runs per game and keep the game close. The Tigers will face No. 13-seeded Roots Town or No. 18-seeded Chippewa in the finals. If Shagrin Falls wants to make it to the regional rounds for the third time in a row, they’ll need a hitter to support their early run-ups. Beechwood sits in the top half of the bracket, opening in clear view as the 23rd seed. The Bisons have won 12 of their last 13 games with strong pitching performances, including shutting out Lutheran West and winning the CVC Metro for the second year in a row. In a two-seed matchup, the Bisons will face No. 10-seeded Wellington in the district final for a chance to face No. 3-seeded Waynedale in the semi-finals. In his matchup with last year’s D-III State Champion, Bison needs to click on every cylinder to create an upset.

Northeast 4 Tri C West

Top seed: 1 Triway, 2 Manchester, 6 Independence, 7 Canton Central Catholic

Other Area Teams: 14 Wycliffe

favorite: triway, manchester

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

Division IV

Northeast 3 Medina

Top seed: 1, Dalton, 2 Hillsdale, 3 Columbia, 4 Lowonville

Other Area Teams: 8 Cornerstone, 9 Andrews Osborne

favorite: Dalton, Hillsdale

next: Regional winner advances to regional semi-finals

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