Servicio de la Rasa short of food, supplies supplied as need grows

In recent weeks, the need for food donations has increased. Servicios de la Rasa has grown exponentially. One bag of snacks and some non-perishables is barely enough for one person, not the whole family.


The non-profit organization attributes this to an influx of people in need, especially immigrants. Empty shelves, empty freezer, almost empty refrigerator. This is the reality that nonprofits are dealing with.

It’s rare for nonprofits, but it’s the norm these days.

Carmelita Cervantes, Director of Essential Services Servicios de la Rasa and asking for help.

“Right now Servicios is helping migrants coming in, but in general they’re helping whole communities…or even people who just came out of the streets when they needed food,” he said. Cervantes said.

On a typical day in December, they consistently help about 15 households, a number that has nearly doubled since early April.


“With the food pantry, we try to ensure that our family has enough food for several days. Now, within a day, we have 30 to 50 additional people on top of what we serve each day. It’s been a big deal,” added Cervantes.

The nonprofit says it typically receives food donations from the Rocky Mountain Food Bank and “We Don’t Waste,” but that demand from these groups is increasing.

“We used to have three pallets and now we only get half the pallet… I think it’s because they’re also in short supply,” Cervantes said.

Last month, Servicios de la Raza helped more than 200 migrants find apartments and shelter. The nonprofit added that people are under pressure to pay rent and tend to rely on services such as food donations to make a living. meet.

“We are trying to do our best because we don’t want anyone to turn away,” Cervantes said.


The nonprofit wants produce, meat and poultry, preserved foods, and even hygiene products. They are handing out food on Mondays and Thursdays and are contacting supermarkets to donate food as soon as possible.

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