Severity of antimicrobial resistance threat drives sector

Dublin, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Global Market for Advanced Antimicrobial Coatings and Technologies 2023-2033” report added of Recruitment.

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Due to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, the use of advanced antimicrobial coatings and technologies (viricidal, bactericidal, fungicidal) has recently received increased attention, especially for frequently touched surfaces such as medical, retail, hotel and healthcare facilities. Demand has increased significantly. both office and home.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been declared by the World Health Organization to be one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity, and will cause 10 million deaths annually by 2050. is predicted to be Antimicrobial surface technology is considered a key factor. Limit the spread of infectious diseases as a form of environmental disease control.

Industry interest in this type of coating has so far been hampered by high prices and largely limited to food packaging and medical settings. However, significant market opportunities are emerging for companies developing advanced coatings and surface solutions for a wide range of applications to combat the health hazards caused by bacteria and viruses.

Their use enables us to provide enhanced antibacterial, antiviral, mold reduction and TVOC decomposition processes that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, enabling superior hygiene standards in all areas of work and life. can. As a result, it will be possible to create healthier living and working environments and provide holistic solutions for people with compromised immune systems. Antimicrobial-based surface coatings prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and viruses through infected surfaces of so-called high-traffic objects such as door and window handles in public places, hospitals, public buildings, schools, nursing homes, etc. prevent.

Advanced antimicrobial coatings and technologies have numerous applications on virtually all surfaces, including:

  • Medical facilities and laboratories

  • Medical equipment;

  • Fabrics and clothing such as face masks.

  • hospital furniture.

  • Hotels and other public spaces.

  • window glass.

  • pharmaceutical laboratories;

  • packaging;

  • Food packaging area and restaurant.

  • food processing equipment;

  • Transport, air ducts and ventilation systems.

  • Home appliances;

  • sports and exercise equipment.

  • container;

  • Aircraft interiors and buildings.

  • Cruise ships and other vessels.

  • toilet accessories;

  • shower enclosure;

  • handrail;

  • schools and child care facilities;

  • playground.

Here is what the report contains:

  • Current technology and materials used for advanced antimicrobial coatings and surfaces. These include self-cleaning coatings, photocatalytic coatings, graphene, silicon dioxide nanoparticles, silver/nanosilver, photocatalytic coatings, zinc oxide/zinc oxide nanoparticles, hydrogels, nanocellulose, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, gold nanoparticles, cerium oxide nanoparticles. particles, including chitosan/chitosan nanoparticles. , copper particles, adaptive biomaterials, electroactive smart materials, 2D materials, antibacterial liquid metals.

  • Global market revenue projections to 2033, segmented by application, region, market, and coating type.

  • Analysis of the end-user market for advanced antimicrobial coatings and technologies, including:

Main topics covered:

1.First of all
1.1 Purpose and objectives of the research
1.2 Market definition
1.2.1 Properties of nanomaterials
1.2.2 Classification

2 Research method

3 Executive Summary
3.1 Antimicrobial Additives and Coatings Market Growth
3.1.1 Advantages
3.1.2 Properties
3.1.3 Applications
3.2 Nano coating
3.3 Antibacterial and antiviral coatings and surfaces
3.3.1 Self-cleaning antimicrobial coatings and surfaces Bionic self-cleaning coating Photocatalytic self-cleaning coating Antifouling and easy-to-clean nano-coating
3.3.2 Antiviral coatings and surfaces
3.3.3 Applications of nanomaterials
3.3.4 Cleanliness of indoor and public areas driving demand for antimicrobials
3.4 Antiviral coating
3.4.1 Reusable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
3.4.2 Wiping on the coating
3.4.3 Coating of face masks
3.4.4 Long-term mitigation of surface contamination by nano-coatings
3.5 Key Market Players by Antibacterial Technology Sector
3.6 Global Market Size and Opportunities to 2033
3.6.1 Antimicrobial Coatings End User Market
3.6.2 Global Forecast for Antimicrobial Coatings to 2033
3.7 Market and technical challenges
3.8 Market Drivers and Trends

4 Advanced materials used for antibacterial coating

5 Environment and regulations

Six markets for advanced antimicrobial coatings and surfaces

7 leading antimicrobial coatings and technology companies (207 company profiles)

8 References

Some of the companies mentioned in this report include:

  • Admaster (UK) Ltd.

  • Advanced Materials – JTJ SRO

  • Advanced Nanotech Lab (ANT LAB)

  • Equol Co., Ltd.

  • Aereus Technologies

  • Afix Lab Oy

  • hygienic antibacterial agent

  • Akari Technology

  • Aristagen Co., Ltd.

  • allied bioscience

  • AM Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Americem

  • ampheria abu

  • Amicoat A/S

  • AM Protection LLC

  • Applied Silver Co., Ltd.

  • Applied Thin Films

  • Artekia

  • Ascend Performance Materials LLC

  • AST products

  • Atacama Institute

  • Atonucleus

  • Avanzare Innovation Technoca SL

  • Ascentive SARL

  • Bhaktigard AB

  • Biocoat Co., Ltd.

  • bio fence

  • Biogate AG

  • Biointeractions Inc.

  • Bioni CS GmbH

  • Bionic Technology Holding BV.

  • Caparol

  • cardinal glass industries

  • Seko Co., Ltd.

  • Celltech AB

  • CeloNova BioSciences, Inc

  • cicada

  • Clarcor Industrial Air

  • Cleancorp Nano Coating

  • Clean CU

  • Clear Bridge Technologies Pte Ltd.

  • crew

  • Coating Switzerland GmbH

  • Copyright Future Markets, Inc All rights reserved.

  • Corning Corporation

  • Cortec

  • Cobaron Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Crystal/Tronox

  • Quantec Co., Ltd.

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  • Cupron Co., Ltd.

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  • Dry Surface Technologies LLC

  • D.S.P Co., Ltd.

  • dupont

  • difox

  • Enviro Specialty Chemicals (ESC Brand)

  • Envision SQ

  • Eosolit

  • F Group Nano LLC

  • Flora Coatings LLC

  • FN Nano Co., Ltd.

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC

  • fresh light solution

  • Fumin Co., Ltd.

  • Fusion Bionic GmbH

  • Market of the Future Advanced Antimicrobial Coatings

  • GB Neuhaus GmbH

  • Gerest Co., Ltd.

  • General paint

  • gold shield technologies

  • Graphene Innovation & Technologies (GIT)

  • Graphene CA

  • Green Earth Nanoscience Co., Ltd.

  • Green Millennium Co., Ltd.

  • Grillo Zincoxide GmbH

  • GXC coating

  • Hakusui Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Haromine Co., Ltd.

  • heidelberg cement

  • HeiQ Materials AG

  • I3 Biomedical Co., Ltd.

  • Inbed Bioscience Co., Ltd.

  • Inhibit Coatings Limited

  • Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc. (ISurTech)


  • Intellicoat

  • Interlotus Nanotechnology GmbH

  • Ishihara Sangyo Co., Ltd.

  • Italcementi Group

  • Joma International AS

  • Kane Biotech Co., Ltd.

  • Castas Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Keyland Polymer LLC

  • KHG FiteBac Technology

  • Kon Co., Ltd.

  • Kraton Co., Ltd.

  • Chronos International Co., Ltd.

  • Leibniz Institute for New Materials (INM)

  • LifeAir Inc.

  • Life Material Technologies Limited

  • LIGC Application Co., Ltd.

  • Lonza Group AG

  • MACOMA Environmental Technologies, LLC

  • Maeda Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Marusho Industry Co., Ltd.

  • master dynamic limited

  • Medic Fiber

  • mica nanotech

  • Microban International Co., Ltd.

  • Myridyne Oy

  • muse nanobot

  • MVX Protex

  • N2 Biomedical LLC

  • N9 World Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Nanjing High-tech Nanomaterials Co., Ltd. (HTNano)

  • Nanokeim Co., Ltd.

  • Nano Graphene Co., Ltd.

  • Nano surface solution

  • Nanocare Germany AG

  • Nanoclean Global Private Limited

  • Nanogate AG

  • NanoLotus Scandanavian App

  • Nanomedic Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Nanophos SA

  • Nanofil Company

  • Nanopool GmbH

  • NanoPure technology

  • Nanosono

  • nanotech surface company

  • Nanotouch Materials LLC

  • nanobacare coat

  • NanoVoo Co., Ltd.

  • Nanowave Co., Ltd.

  • Nanox

  • Nano-X GmbH

  • Nanozet Coating Co., Ltd.

  • Nask Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.

  • NBD Nanotechnology

  • NIL Technology ApS

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  • Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.

  • Nitropep

  • Novio Co., Ltd.

  • Noble Biomaterials Co., Ltd.

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  • NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

  • Organoclick AB

  • PanaHome Corporation

  • panasonic

  • Parkes Materials BV

  • Peak Rex Co., Ltd.

  • Pioneer Medical Devices GmbH

  • PPG Industries Co., Ltd.

  • Prebona AB

  • Promethean Particles Inc.

  • Pure Bioscience Co., Ltd.

  • PURETi Group LLC

  • PurThread Technologies, Inc.

  • Quatcare LLC

  • QuickMed Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • radical material

  • Reactive Surfaces LLP

  • re system

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  • Royal DSM NV

  • Saint-Gobain glass

  • Disinfected

  • Shot AG

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  • slip technology

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  • sherwin williams company

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  • Toshiba Materials Corporation

  • Toto

  • The science of touchpoints

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  • UMF Corporation

  • USA nano coat

  • Vilipel Co., Ltd.

  • Yield Co., Ltd.

  • ZEN Graphene Solutions Co., Ltd.

  • Zentek

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