Shawnee ‘Braves Bakery’ gives students practical life skills

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“Baking in class gave me more confidence that I could cook at home,” says Pierce. “One student said she had a box of muffin mix at home and made it just like in class, following the directions on the box.”

Every Thursday, staff fill out a form with the muffins of their choice, many of which are purchased for their co-workers. Then, after receiving the order, it will be hand-delivered by the student on Friday.

Principal Chad Mossing said staff enjoy participating in students’ learning experiences.

“They are excited about the muffins every week and appreciate that the class is working hard to bake the muffins,” he said. It’s great to see the progress they’ve made and the confidence they’ve built.”

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In addition to the weekly staff orders, the bakery also provides muffins for Tuesday morning staff meetings, and classes “charge” Mossing for muffins made for those meetings. It will also help you learn customer service and marketable skills.

“Students not only learn how to bake muffins with Miss Meow, but they also learn the process of running a successful business,” Mossing says.

Pearce says he hopes to expand to other baked goods in the future, but for now, he’s continuing to perfect the muffin-making process.

The bakery is affiliated with The Braves Brew Coffee Shop, organized for district staff by high school intervention specialist Beth Sekaci.

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