Shop for food apparel and more at the New Eater Merch Store

Wear it (nonchalantly) on your Love Eater sleeve, water bottle, hat, or fancy bento set to show off your knowledge of food. We are excited to announce Eater’s A brand new merch store is here.from retro pizzeria shirt to the guest A notebook with the image of a check To exclusive collaboration Our collaboration with Japanese bento maker Takenaka finds the perfect product for all fans of Eater and eating. Think of these products as a shortcut to show your restaurant’s fan base to the world, and an efficient way to identify other restaurants who are always fans as well. order the table. (After all, you’re both rocking hat It says just that. )

“We own as much restaurant merchandise as you do,” says Nat Berkoff, Design Director and Chief Merchandise Maestro at Eater. “So when it came time to design our new gear line, we knew we had to keep it simple and work directly at the source. I get my inspiration from what I see and hear.”

I mean, you can wear a crew neck Be it embroidered with your server’s favorite phrase (“small plates to share”), a cap that reminds you “I’m a regular,” or a tank that shows off your insatiable appetite. “Fresh hot take” In addition, the sign of Eater Takenaka bento collection This is the first in a series of product collaborations with your favorite brands to design exclusive gear with you in mind.

It’s all here and there’s more. brand new merch store On sale today! Keep checking back for more one-off product launches and fun partnerships with some of the country’s best designers. The end goal is to have everything you need to look and eat your best.

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