Should the government run your business?


Lawmakers’ last legislative session introduced a number of bills aimed at undermining the ability of job creators to set their own workplace policies, especially regarding vaccine requirements.

These attempts were unsuccessful. Because the state legislature eventually realized that any further government intervention in private business was not good policy and not what Arizona was for. We are a nation that embraces free markets and employer powers and operates without strong government intervention. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most attractive destinations in the country for job creators looking to start or expand their business.

But bad ideas have no expiration date. Several measures calling for penalizing employers who require vaccination as a condition of employment were reinstated in this session.

This has sparked debate during the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the Biden administration’s attempts to implement federal vaccine mandates for private employers.The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and the wider business community at the time spoke out opposeWe endorsed the move and then applauded when the Supreme Court overturned the administration’s decision. It can be intrusive.

In that sense, the Chamber of Commerce recently announced Arizona’s challenge to a 2021 executive order that said all companies doing business with federal contractors must establish vaccine requirements for their employees. The order was successfully challenged in federal district court, but the case is now on appeal at 9:00 am.thcircuit.

Ironically, many of the so-called free enterprise advocates who have stood with us in the fight against federal vaccine mandates, arguing that government has no business dictating the policies of private employers, , continues to push legislation at the state level. As you can imagine, it allows the government to dictate policy for private employers.

Our position is simple. Delegation is delegation.And that’s what the federal government is telling business owners what they doMustto do or tell business owners what the state will doCan notOtherwise, the Chamber will consistently oppose any legislation that opens the door for government interference in private industry.

It’s not just vaccines. There is a thorny theme in this legislative session that seeks to involve the government in nearly every aspect of employers’ operations. It dictates everything from internal workplace policies to who can and cannot do business. payment options they must accept.

In state legislatures, the same people who have never accused the government of functioning efficiently or effectively are confused and concerned when they want to give them the power to control the operations of private companies. It’s time to over-legalize and over-regulate the free market with a one-size-fits-all mandate that never worked – and that these efforts are coming from the State Capitol, not the Capitol. You shouldn’t expect these efforts to be any different just for a reason.

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce continues to reject laws that encourage government overreach in favor of pro-growth, free-market policies that promote job creation and competitiveness.

Danny Seiden is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

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