Sons Of The Forest Update 06 Released, Adds Hard Survival Difficulty, Full Patch Notes

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Endnight Games has released the sixth major update for Sons Of The Forest. According to the release notes, this new patch will add a Hard Survival difficulty mode. Additionally, it provides a buildable stone fireplace, stone walls, stone beams, and stone pillars.

The changelog is huge, so don’t waste any more time on it. As usual, Steam will download this update the next time you launch the client. There is also a full changelog below.

Sons Of The Forest Patch 06 Release Notes

  • Added hard survival mode difficulty
  • Add stone pickup to world
  • Buildable stone fireplace, stone walls, stone beams and stone columns
  • custom doll
  • Advanced log sleds can now hold logs, rocks, stones, sticks and bones
  • Added a countdown clock in the dining area for dining and dining
  • Added blown limbs to the Exploded Bathroom in Luxury Bunker
  • Cooking pots and flasks can now be dumped with the right mouse button
  • Cooking pots are now immediately placed on fire if the player is holding the pot while controlling the fire
  • If the fire goes out while the pot is cooking, the contents of the pot return to water.If the pot has finished cooking when the fire goes out, the recipe will be retained
  • Added water movement to pot when not boiling
  • Improved visuals and audio for the stable water drop effect inside the cave
  • Lava sound and visual improvements and fixes
  • Added thunder sounds to lightning strikes in the Space City view of the Gold Room cutscene
  • Rain catcher no longer shows refill icon until at least 1 cup of water is gone
  • Pots can now be reheated even if they contain finished recipes.
  • The hotkey UI will no longer appear in the quick select and grab bag menus and will only appear when in your inventory.
  • Added loading tips for comfort ratings and indoor vs. outdoor sleep
  • Added loading hints for cooking bonuses
  • Fish traps now run in game time instead of real time, and work better with pauses and sleeps.
  • Trapped fish no longer rot
  • Added UI for current cooking bonuses
  • Cooking recipe UI improvements
  • Added new equip/unequip animations for shotguns. This is simpler and matches the pose we held idle, so the blend is smoother and less jarring.
  • Cannibals can drag dying friends out of the player.
  • Overall optimization to reduce AI update costs
  • Kelvin can now pick up stones
  • Kelvin can now stuff log sleds with sticks, rocks and stones
  • Reduced the spawn area of ​​some oversaturated animals and made them more spread out
  • Fixed floating corpses in beach caves in multiplayer games when the host player is not in the cave
  • Player dolls cause terror in cannibals based on number of body parts
  • Spearing multiple fish visually stacks them on top of the spear instead of all overlapping.
  • AI is no longer blocked by defensive stick spikes, but still takes damage
  • Sleeping outdoors gives you less rest than sleeping indoors
  • The amount of rest earned by the player is now modified by the current comfort rating (certain soups and clothing can affect the comfort rating)
  • Decreased potency in crates
  • A large demon may appear on the ground after the game ends
  • Fixed lumberjack juice recipe to make it easier in peaceful games
  • Added Hard Survival to start difficulty setting
  • Cooking buff duration changed from 8 to 4 game hours.
  • tough survival. Reduced food spawning in crates. In this game mode, the stash does not respawn on load. Fewer fish and animals spawn. Decreased target health and stamina regeneration speed when cold.Increased fines for raw/rotten meat
  • Added some missing translations for cooking
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players not getting any effects after drinking the last liquid in a pot or flask
  • GPS locators placed on standing sticks now show the selected icon and retain it after saving and loading, improving positioning of 3D models on sticks.
  • Fix to be able to interact with cooking pots when refilling containers from pots
  • Fixed an issue that caused the grab bag to open instead of the player eating from the pot if the player was looking at the pot the entire time it was cooking
  • Fixed utility page button color
  • Changed the amount of sticks required for the Advanced Log Thread book from 48 to 60
  • Fixed gold armor pickup skinning
  • Fixed some lake volumes sticking out of the terrain
  • Fixed spelling in protein shake recipe
  • Fixed lens flare occlusion not working when Blood or Cold post-processing is active
  • Also fixed an issue where players would get stuck when opening grab bags in Warehouses, Fires, Virginia, etc. and then quickly closing them.
  • Fixed an issue that caused perishables to desync on shelves when a multiplayer client deleted or camouflaged a shelf
  • Fixed an issue where players could become unrecoverable if they ate something in their inventory immediately after loading a savegame
  • Fixed an issue where screen space reflections were not always disabled correctly
  • Various memory improvements
  • Fixed an issue where doors and hatches could go out of sync in the multiplayer client in some cases
  • Fixed stumps not appearing outside after loading a savegame while inside a bunker or cave
  • Also fixed an issue where the female cannibal’s fractured neck and head gimbal would flip over in the Molotov reaction animation
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a lighter while holding a rope gun would look strange
  • Fixed some pops in crossbow animations
  • Fixed an issue where Kelvin could not pick up or drop arrows
  • Fixed an issue where the Muddy Cannibals stay-near-trees action was triggering too often, with players only staying near trees
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Night V audio to cut out
  • Fixed audio when chopping trees with a chainsaw
  • Also fixed navigation cut when placing walls on sloping ground
  • Player’s grab bag is now closed when interacting with extinguished fire
  • Players will now receive the correct recipe stats instead of water when drinking water from a pot on fire after loading a savegame.
  • Added audio for pot lids colliding while boiling
  • Adjusted some high max instances on ambient events and mutant footsteps
  • Significantly shortened maximum splash distance and edited volume curve
  • New audio for Demon Boss sequences; more synchronized bangs and grappling sounds, as well as Demon Boss jumps and vocals
  • Improved audio for pots filling with water
  • Added hug sounds during helicopter departure sequence
  • Prevented Knight V from getting splashed when stopped in mud or water
  • Added sounds for emptying cooking pots and flasks
  • Modified Gold Room Vista Lightning Audio
  • Fixed an issue where guitar playing audio would stop when interrupted by a crash or knockdown

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