SSU Resident Assistant improves leadership and communication skills

Aiden White of Kittshill, who chose to attend Shawnee State University for the Plastics Engineering Technology program, served as a Junior Resident Assistant (RA) for the Department of Housing and Living this year.

He feels that in his role he gained more knowledge about time management, problem solving, and improving his communication skills than in any other job he has ever held. Among his responsibilities as RA him, White manages the residential buildings on campus, stands on standby every two weeks, and hosts monthly events for residents.

“We need to work with other RAs to host events,” he says. “I am also a member of RA’s selection committee and will help with the hiring process for RA next year.”

As an RA, White feels he has developed many leadership skills while making countless memories with other RAs and building residents.

“My fondest memories while doing this job are meeting a lot of new people and working with other RAs,” he said. “I enjoy getting to know the residents on campus and being a resource for them no matter what.”

SSU RAs are campus leaders and serve as mentors and facilitators for residents and other students. This position makes him one of the most prominent and recognized student leadership positions on campus.

For more information about Shawnee State University Resident Assistants and the Department of Housing and Living, please visit:

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