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Published May 4, 2023

The ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program now offers interested individuals the opportunity to become a Certified Active Shooter Survival Training Instructor. Their intensive training courses are available both online via Zoom and in person at their headquarters in White Plains, Maryland. ALIVE recommends the Instructor Certification Course to those who hold security positions or senior positions within organizations, including schools and workplaces, or who wish to work with these organizations as an external trainer.

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ALIVE’s proactive shooter-fighting experts believe organizations should not turn a blind eye to the rising rate of gun violence and mass shootings in the United States. By May 1, 13,959 people had died in gun violence in the country, and within his first four months of the year, he had 184 mass shootings, as the latest figures from ABC News confirm. is occurring. Tragically, 13 of these mass shootings occurred at K-12 schools, as ABC News pointed out.

Without going into the complex reasons for these tragedies, ALIVE believes that preparation is the key to minimizing death, injury and trauma in these situations. Also, since developing the nationally acclaimed and used ALIVE curriculum, their trainers are in demand nationwide.

As such, they are now opening up their curriculum to individuals wishing to become Certified Active Shooting Training Instructors. Their intensive two-day course covers seven major modules. It decomposes the ALIVE model representing Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence and Expose. It also equips participants with both the in-depth knowledge of concepts and the teaching and public speaking skills necessary to impart new knowledge.

The ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program is now the primary source of active shooter preparation programs in America.

An ALIVE spokesperson said, “If you are a professional in the human resources, risk, or security and safety industries, the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Instructor Certification Program will enhance your knowledge of active shooting incidents while also learning how to do so.” It’s a great way to help employees enjoy enhanced safety in both public and private areas.”

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ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program

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