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STEPHEN HEMELT — Celebrate small business success with the people who make it possible

Published at 12:02 AM on Sunday, April 9, 2023

MarJuana B. Williams said it is “very important” for children to understand that their future is in their hands.

“It’s not about what someone else can do for them,” she says. “No one but themselves can stop them from achieving their goals.”

When Williams and I spoke recently, she emphasized that God has given each of us control over our destinies.

“I try to live each day so that I have a chance to live,” she said.

Williams has done everything from lawyer to real estate agent to developer.

Our recent conversation focused on her role as president and founder of Property Building Group, LLC.

The company built single-family homes, developed multi-family homes, and branched out into commercial developments. Her office is in the Netherlands, but the scope of her work is felt throughout the Golden Her Triangle.

“It feels like God’s hand is on our lives,” she said. “We are about to start building our own Toasted Yolk Café. Opportunities and multiple undertakings that we do, people probably think we’re insane but if God’s hand is there I believe I can’t fail For me, it’s not possible without God.With God and hard work, you can’t fail.”

Williams is one of this month’s featured articles in Greater Port Arthur The Magazine, and will hit stores in the next three weeks.

This special edition spotlights nearly 30 local entrepreneurs and small business professionals who serve as the backbone of the region.

With each new factory announcement and existing expansion, there are hundreds (or thousands) of residents who come to work every day on “Main Street” for their faith and family.

Small businesses support large businesses in ways that are visible to everyone in Greater Port Arthur every day.

One of the primary supporters of these entrepreneurs is the Lamar State University Port Arthur Small Business Development Center, which serves large portions of Jefferson and Orange counties.

SBDC supports business owners by offering a variety of classes such as SBDC orientation, QuickBooks training, tax preparation, insurance types, business planning, administration/human resources, and customer service.

In May, 17 local businesses will be honored at the 2023 Small Business Awards Banquet.

This year’s theme is “Reimagining Main Street.”

SBDC Director Dana Espinal said, “It feels like it’s in line with what they’re doing across the country: bringing the small-town feel, the destination location back to ‘Main Street.’ It’s always nice to see everyone come together to honor and recognize these small businesses.”

This year’s banquet will be held on May 2nd at the Pompano Club in Port Neches.

Individual tickets are $30 and will not be sold on the day. To purchase before April 20th, call 409-984-6531.

Between this wonderful May event and the upcoming Greater Port Arthur The Magazine, there is much to celebrate regarding local businesses.

Port Arthur Newsmedia editor Monique Batson introduces JAV Industrial Services LLC, telling us that in the small room to the right of the business is a wooden desk that Jorge Vazquez built when he first moved from his home to his Memorial Boulevard office. I noticed one thing.

After working for another industrial contractor in Southeast Texas for 17 years, Mr. Vasquez decided to go independent.

The coolest part of this story is: Fifteen years ago, Vasquez rented a room in another office of Arthur in Port He. The president of JAV Industrial Services now owns the building and has expanded to other areas in and around Texas.

These stories make up the 2023 Volume Pack of our magazine, and in their most basic form, the people who make Port Arthur and the surrounding community a wonderful place to call home. Introduce the place, and the effort.

To pick up your free copy, stop by The Port Arthur News at 2349 Memorial Blvd.

If you are interested in starting a mail-in subscription for Issue 6, please call our office at 409-721-2400.

Stephen Hemelt is President of Port Arthur Newsmedia, which publishes, The Port Arthur News and Greater Port Arthur The Magazine. You can reach me at or 409-721-2445.

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