Strengthening child protection capacities through improving the knowledge, capacity and skills of actors contributing to the implementation of the Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) Agenda


The event draws attention to the lack of adequate resources for child protection staffing, competence and training, and emphasizes the need for additional resources to invest in prevention and response efforts. do. Think about where stronger coalitions can be built across the United Nations system. We will also work with regional organizations and Member States to strengthen child protection capacities to build efforts to respond to and prevent serious violations against children. Recommend strengthening capacities to protect children and expertise, including through learning modules and training across different dimensions of pre-conflict. , conflict, the post-conflict environment, the humanitarian, peace and security and development agenda, and propose concrete solutions to ensure child protection capacities, including dedicated human resources and training; support and strengthen systematically as part of the global, peace and security and development agenda; Summer schools on children and armed conflict, UNICEF training on MRM, DPO civilian, military and police training are essential ways to strengthen child protection capacities.

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