Subject of Westfield author’s new book on the history of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey


Westfield native Jim Stempel knows New Jersey better now than he did when he lived there.

However, Stempel’s New Jersey bears little resemblance to today’s Garden State, with major locales named Spunktown, Sumptown, and Quibletown.

“New Jersey was a different place back then,” he said. “It was a completely different map.”

Stempel, now a Maryland resident, recently returned to his home state in spirit to write his new book. Scheduled for release on March 21, he said it’s a story of violence, fortitude, and survival. It is also one of

The statue of George Washington, across from Washington's headquarters in Morristown, February 20, 2018, is covered in snow this afternoon.

Stempel said he was amazed at the number of military operations in New Jersey in 1777 and the level of violence.

“I found it really amazing that I hadn’t heard anything like this growing up,” he said. “This was the book I wanted to read.”

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