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The funny thing about our reality TV stars is that we want them to grow, change, learn and evolve. Persevere and judge.This episode summer house It was like the perfect blend of immature and properly behaved people, so I had to step back and search Google Images for “growth” GIFs. Unsafe.

Let’s take a look at the new girl Gabby. At dinner, she sits next to Danielle because the two women already know each other from her Instagram stalking. It turned out to be so bad for Gaby that her cheating ex, who was also dating Danielle at the same time, couldn’t even think of dating someone born in Midsummer. I screamed when the editor showed the same photo from episode 1 featuring Gabby’s ex and the blurry woman, then removed the blur to show Daniel. I rolled. That’s how you do the callback.

Anyway, when they compared the stories and timelines, it turns out that this guy ghosted Gabby and hung out with Daniel for months and vice versa. And I said there was no overlap, but not only is there an overlap, the two could probably smell each other in this guy’s dirty drawers.

Usually in one of our favorite Bravo programs this happens and one of the women gets hooked on the other. See when Brandi Glanville and Sheena Shay met so Lisa Vanderpump could launch a spinoff. Brandy got mad at Sheana when everyone was supposed to be mad at the future Eddie Rhimes. (If you understood every word and allusion in the last sentence, congratulations, you have an advanced degree from the Real Housewives Institute.) Not our Gabby, she tells us in her confession, . She was a victim of his tricks and lies like I was. ”

Look how very mature it is. Oh, but wait, I didn’t finish that quote. “But he darns his pants, so I’m so excited to have her as a friend. I thrive in that space.” This is Gabby from Never Date a Cancer Man No Matter How Hot It Is. This is Gabby the insane girlfriend who appeared on Bravo: The Sociopath Channel. Then it turns out that when she broke up with the guy, she had all his social media passwords and posted messages on them about him wasting his time for years and being a liar and a cheat. Hi, this is giving me BGBE: Big Garcelle Beauvais EnergyAfter last week, I thought Gabby was a crazy person and lost her cause.

Speaking of other newbies, the jury is still out. Chris looks like a grown-up with a real job, a hot body, and a penchant for staying away from drama. connect four He looks too cheesy. “Too much, too fast, too thick,” says Ciara. The British call this guy like Factor 50. This is also what they call a 45 SPF sunscreen.He lays down so thick that no matter how much he rubs and rinses off, he can still see it.If you don’t know, he do yourself a big favor and join love island straight away. you’re welcome.

Sam, I’m not sure. It was nice of her to invite her hot boxing coach, Josh, for a quick visit.Hasn’t she matured? When she was dancing on the kitchen island (which I feel like she does every day when she’s at her house), he didn’t get up there, just watched her. seriously? Do you need a companion for this? Coyote ugly-ing is an activity that is usually best done alone. Then, after she decided to get rid of him, she left him perched inside the front door, waiting for an Uber that never came as he lay and sunbathed with Amanda. Not mature.

While we’re talking about maturity, what about my fictional husband, Kyle Cook? It was mature not wanting to leave delicious French fries on the table, but immature not trying to stuff them in your pocket. I feel like it was (Between pocket fries and bag sandwiches, this show is one fanny pack taco doomsday preppers.) It’s also mature, saying that there’s nothing more American than tortilla chips made into a fattening spatula. While Paige and Ciara harass Maia into sleeping in the opposite bed, she wakes up at 3:00 a.m. to eat them out of her bag and mutter to herself.

The bulk of the episode is about an argument between Daniel and Kyle about Kyle’s remarks about Carl at the dinner party in the last episode. It became a hot topic at tea parties for girls who weren’t decomposed into screams and accusations. summer house Events are usually held. Amanda is particularly mature and she has spoken to women about her honesty and vulnerability regarding fertility issues.Daniel brings up the shit Kyle was talking about Carl the night before and Amanda is there Come on, she’ll shut it down. “I think there were a lot of things he did that other companies would fire him, but it was consistent,” she says. “So there’s a lot going on. Not that you’re gossiping, but maybe just let them work this out before he says this.

See how grounded and reasonable it is! Sadly, Daniel had already let this cat out of this particular Telfar clutch. Should she have told Lindsey and Carl what happened? But I would have said something like: I don’t want to get too deep into it, but you guys really need to talk. I think it showed her loyalty that she reported it to her friend, but took it far enough that Carl didn’t join the discussion by citing something Daniel might have misreported. I think you were avoiding it.

While the girls are having tea, Kyle is drunk with Chris, Maia’s boyfriend Oliver, and Rob. Rob stayed up until 3am drinking with Kyle and Chris. House. (Where was Rob sleeping while we were on this topic? Chris passed out in various sun chairs. Rob took a beach towel to the gym and curled up on the weight bench. Anyway, this guy is the new hero.) Danielle shows up and I feel like I need to talk to Kyle, but he’s already exhausted and ready for a screaming match of slices. I don’t want to, so I wait until the next day. Where’s that “growing up” GIF? Kyle pops out of the brewery they’re hanging from when he hears his name. The editor then treats us to a montage of Kyle’s runaway.nothing else makes me happy Rihanna’s collection leaving the restaurant with a glass of wine.

Smart, they leave it until the next day, but before Daniel returns to Montauk, Kyle decides to bring it up and they chat. , says, “You stepped into a very sensitive topic. As a friend, or as a CEO, I’m not handling it very well.” please look! Kyle admits his mistake and finds himself in a difficult situation emotionally unprepared. Then it turns out he texted Carl drunk in the middle of the night.

Oh Kyle McGill Cook, my loin fire, my chalice wine, my toastie scoop to my guac, you really screwed this up. Enter the conversation calmly and ready to negotiate. .) I feel like his rash behavior the night before counteracts any sense of emotional moderation he may be experiencing in this (very hungover) moment.

But I don’t want it to end there. I’d like to end with the moment that I think is the most shocking and will have the biggest impact on the rest of the season: Paige and Daniel’s conversation at the brewery. And everything was devastating.

Danielle tells the Bed Sore Girls (Paige, Ciara, Mya and Gabby) that she feels she needs to work things out with Kyle. “But you?” Paige asks her. And she is right! Paige says Daniel is throwing himself under the bus path more often than he should. Look what happened last year in the fight with Ciara.It had nothing to do with Daniel and Ciara, it was all Lindsey’s fault (and that muppet-mouthed motherfucker southern charm what I don’t want to say).

Then Paige cuts in with a symbolic statement that I quote almost in its entirety. “I’m going to be completely honest, and I’ve known you for five years,” Paige says. Do you feel like Summer? No, I’ve known you for five years and I know how you ride for your friends and it’s a fine mother. Lindsay sat there and said nothing…you’re such a good friend to them. Will they give it to you?

They are? But do they? I don’t necessarily agree with Paige, but I can see that this little leech has already gotten into her brain through Danielle’s ear and is controlling her like Kirsty’s Allie (RIP). Star Trek II: Wrath of KhanSeeing her spend this weekend at home is all drama gone, except for the one she’s creating for Lindsay and Carl. Maybe that was enough Maybe this was the beginning This was a little crack in the ground A line of sand She was like a sinkhole in Florida ‘s house and all the Amazon boxes in front of it to a place you’ve never seen them before.

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