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Ark: Survival Evolved A video game produced by Studio Wildcard. In this survival game, the player/character is trapped on an island inhabited by dinosaurs and other mysterious creatures that threaten human life. Players must gather resources, build habitats, and fend off deadly beings in order to survive.

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if you are a player in Ark: Survival Evolvedbad statistics After that, survival becomes an uphill battle. Statistics play an important role in distinguishing between successful and unsuccessful games. There are several stats to upgrade, so choosing the right one can be a little tricky. However, some tend to work better than others and should be prioritized.

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Ten air

Oxygen may not play a big role in the early stages/levels of the game, but upgrading it is very important.Most of the time players will find themselves adventuring in water . Oxygen is therefore the main resource required for diving. The more oxygen status you have, the faster you swim. Therefore, it is especially essential. when you run away from enemy.

Oxygen becomes scarce over time. Without oxygen, the player will start suffocating and his health will start deteriorating with each tick. This can lead to death.

9 water

Players are humans, so basic physical needs as water is clear Necessities for survival. Death by thirst is really painful. However, this can be avoided by carrying a water skin. A player can obtain his Waterskin engram early in the game.

Water stats show your level of hydration. Players who are not hydrated will have their water bar dropped. It is important to note that consuming stimberries and auric mushrooms promotes dehydration as well as stamina-dependent activities. Players must keep their stats from getting close to zero.

8 fortitude

tech armor

There are many biomes on the map, so players must be very diligent in choosing the right biome.fortitude It affects how we survive in extreme environmental conditions. These conditions can be either hypothermia or hyperthermia. Most of the time it shows how to endure extreme cold and heat. Players who like to wander and explore the map should upgrade their Endurance stats so they suffer less from the heat.

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Players without proper armor Thermal extremities need to be upgraded Their Fortitude stats. With good stats, you can stay alive longer.

7 weight

Weight determines how much a player can carry. Activities such as hunting, crafting, and foraging require varying levels of weight. Can quickly carry crafted or collected items with good weight stats. So you can make fewer trips and waste less time. Unlike at the beginning, as the player advances through the game, the weight of what is created becomes progressively as heavy as the resources required.

Upgrading your weight stats mitigates nearly everything in this video game. Players will be able to easily explore and collect more resources. People who carry up to 85% of their body weight suffer Disturbed illness.

6 melee damage

Since this is a survival game, it’s clear that you will fight at some point. This could be against fellow players or monsters. The melee damage stat shows the level of damage a player can release with his single attack.

These damage levels can be changed by equipping ammo. When this is done, the melee damage stat works as a bonus. High melee damage makes it easier to defend against enemies. You may also kill multiple creatures if:melee damageA single attack is enough.

Five health

Health should be one of your priorities because it indicates the level of time left before the player dies. The player dies when the health bar reaches zero. Good health makes it easier to tackle and survive in harsh environments. Also, with good health, you can easily face larger and more dangerous monsters. Players with health below his 30 can be injured.

and sickly, the movement speed is reduced and the game becomes more difficult. Athletes must stay fit. To improve this stat, you need to consume foods such as cooked meat, blood packs, and liquid medicines.

Four Moving Speed

all living things in arc have this status. Indicates how fast the creature can move. The faster your movement speed, the faster your character will move. The movement speed stat is very important if you’re on a PvP server, as it takes a lot of movement to dodge attacks, and each upgrade increases his speed by 1.5%.

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Movement speed stats make you light on your feet, so you can easily maneuver over any distance. Most players also find focal Chile important to increase movement speed.

3 swoon

Faintness indicates the chance of a character being fainted. When the torpor drops to 50, the survivor loses consciousness. Players in such a state can be drugged, robbed, or dragged by other opponents.Often they are killed, but players can still accomplish their mission.

it’s nothing new arcFans that this game is not friendly to unconscious characters. Attacks from creatures such as Araneo, Arthropluera, Cnidaria, Broodmother Lysrix, and Basilisk are known to increase Torpidity. This status is upgraded by connecting to Fortitude.When Fortitude is upgraded, Torpidity also increases.

2 well

Stamina is just as important as your energy meter.Any action in this video game needs well. Therefore, players should have enough tank reserves to increase their survival.

The energy a player has is affected by activities such as swimming, running, and harvesting. Low stamina will cause water and food levels to drop faster, making this game harder to play. So it’s useful to upgrade this stat early enough. Players with more stamina will move faster, allowing them to move faster.

1 food

Food may not be central, but a little upgrade is important.As time goes on, some players will get hungry. Two factors that influence the rate of food consumption are stamina-dependent activity and health. When food stats start dropping to zero, many players’ health starts declining.

Some players may choose save your own food, they get spoiled with time. Others use storage bins in boats. When the Torpidity stat, which is primarily a measure of fatigue due to low food, drops to 50, the player loses consciousness.

Ark: Survival Evolved Available now for PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile.

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