Survival MMO Dune: Awakening’s latest trailer is much spicier than it reveals


oh i got my eyes on you Dunes: AwakeningAn open-world survival MMO set in one of the sci-fi universes arguably best suited for such things, Funcom’s upcoming game based on Frank Herbert’s work and recent film is tonight’s game awardsJump into the ornithopter in your still suit and watch the pre-alpha teaser trailer below.

Dune Awakening drops you off to survive in the harsh climate of Arrakis, also known as Dune.

You’re not actually Paul ‘Muad’Dib’ Atriedes from Dune: Awakening. A swarm of supernaturally gifted wizards roaming the desert must attract the attention of the dastardly Harkonnen, right? Even if you don’t embody the path shortening yourself, you can still meet the characters in the book.

Tonight’s trailer shows an ornithopter fighting a tank over the desert, with a sandworm popping out from below in proper dune style. As a sleeper, you will rout Arrakis alongside other players trying to survive in the canyons and Fremen villages. A big part of this is staying hydrated, and you should also be careful how you walk if you don’t want to attract giant angry sandworms on your trip. The stuff is the elusive spice.This can be sold or used to increase abilities at the risk of becoming addicted.You can read more about Dune: Awakening here.

Dune: Awakening doesn’t have a release date attached, but I really hope it’s not 20,000 years from now.emerge from the sand vapor Like Shai Hulud whenever it arrives.

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