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Tales of Symphonia teeth one of the most popular tales game In a long-running JRPG franchise with iconic characters and an emotionally resonant story.Several tales Although the game has not yet been released in the West, Sinfonia It has seen several ports and re-releases, including a recent remaster for modern consoles.

EX skills are Tales of Symphonia Grants unique abilities and effects based on the type of EX Gem a party member has equipped. The best EX skills are compound skills created utilizing a specific sequence of gems and can be difficult for new players to understand. .

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8 glory

Glory is a compound EX skill unique to Presea and Regal, two members of the party. Strongest pure physical attacker. glorious effect Prevents the user from being staggered by enemy attacksyou can continue the combo without interruption.

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Glory is not effective against all attacks, so be careful when approaching difficult enemies. Nevertheless, this EX skill makes it easier for these characters to deal damage unhindered by enemies.

7 Life Up/Spirit Up

Royce Menu Sinfonia Life Up

Life Up and Spirit Up are similar compound EX Skills. It has a similar effect. Life Up may slightly increase max HP after each battleand The spirit up is the same as the maximum TP. These effects may seem small, but they add up over time.

Life Up and Spirit Up are compound EX Skills common to all characters, and are excellent EX Skills that can be used when other characters are not very useful or attractive. Among the many compound EX skills, life up and spirit up are skills that are easy to obtain even though they have very useful effects.

6 Ability Plus

Sinfonia Ability Plus

Ability Plus is the only regular EX skill on this list, And the one for LloydThis EX skill Lloyd can chain a level 1 special move with another level 1 special moveallowing him to perform combos that other characters cannot.

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Ability Plus cannot be used until the player has a level 4 EX Gem. This may not happen until nearer the end of the game. Lloyd’s excellent combat abilities are further enhanced by this EX skill, so players should consider prioritizing it.

Five Tears of an angel

Colette's Menu Sinfonia Angel's Tears

Colette has various powerful EX Skills, one of which is the compound EX Skill “Angel’s Tears”. Angel’s Tears is an enhanced version of normal EX Skill Resurrection, This gives you the chance to revive when your HP reaches 0.

With the tears of an angel, Colette Auto revive once in battleThis is a powerful effect, as Colette is fragile at the expense of its utility and magic. Angel’s Tears can keep Colette alive longer in dangerous situations against difficult bosses.

Four super blast

Sinfonia Super Blast from Zeros Menu

Super Blast is a compound EX skill of Kratos and Zeros that works in conjunction with Slasher’s EX skill.Slasher grants abilities to Kratos or Zeros Perform a basic combo of up to 6 strikeshowever, it can only be linked to a special attack on the 4th attack.

These two extra attacks come in handy, as Super Blast allows Kratos and Zeros to chain their specials up to the sixth attack. This allows Kratos and Zeros to become physical powerhouses with very long combos. Super Chain allows both characters to link their special moves regardless of their level, so these two characters can create very interesting combos.

3 EXP Plus

Sinfonia Exp Plus A in Colette's menu

Experience Plus is a compound EX skill that can be used by all characters. Increases all experience gained by that character only. It’s a decent EX skill This makes it easy to polish your levelsbut only works for the character that has it active.

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Experience Plus A is an enhancement of this Colette-specific skill that works a little differently. This will Increase experience points for the entire active partyHowever, boosts do not stack with regular Exp Plus skills. Experience plus A makes leveling easier and allows other party members to free up slots for other EX skills.

2 item getter

Symphonia item getter

Colette’s exclusive EX skill, Item Getter, is essential for players looking for rare items and drops.skill If Colette uses the Item Thief or Item Rover skill, she’s guaranteed to steal something.

Item Getters work as long as the actual attacks associated with Item Thief or Item Rover are successful. This means that the attempt may fail if the target blocks the attack. Still, it modifies the Item Getter’s utility and makes collecting items easier.

1 concentration

Sinfonia Concentrate on Rain's Menu

This composite EX skill is exclusive to Jennis and Rain. Party resident mages and healers.haoncentrate prevents staggering while casting an art.thereby canceling Arte.

This EX skill is obviously important to magic users, and its usefulness in combat is compromised if it is constantly interrupted. Concentration is better than any other EX skill Genis and Raine can use, basically preventing them from being demoted to the bench.

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