Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn split after six years, according to ‘Entertainment Tonight’

Hello, hello, this is not a drill. entertainment tonight Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly split after six years of dating.

According to the outlet’s exclusive report, Taylor and Joe broke up “a few weeks ago” and the split was amicable. is” [Alwyn] Not spotted on any show. ”

Neither Taylor nor Joe have confirmed the split, but just a few weeks ago people Reported to be stronger. A mutual friend of hers told the outlet that Joe will be visiting Taylor on the Ellas Tour….they are great together.Joe is very supportive of her career.

October 6, 2019 Celebrity sightings in New York City

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Tay recently talked about Joe while chatting about her song “Lavender Haze.” say it “Theoretically, when you’re in a lavender haze, you’ll stay there and do whatever it takes to keep people from pulling you out of that cloud. Many people are dealing with this now.” We live in the age of social media and if the world knew you were in love with someone they would be complicit in it.My 6 year relationship Like, we had to dodge weird rumors and tabloids and just ignore them. It is a thing.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available! Until then, feel free to spiral.

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