Teacher missing after being attacked by shark while surfing


May 15, 2023 | 3:18 PM

A popular schoolteacher went missing on Saturday and was feared dead after being attacked by a shark while surfing off Australia’s south coast.

Simon Buccanero, 46, was among a dozen surfers, including children, at Walkers Rock Beach on the Eyre Peninsula, in what locals call the “Great White Territory”. Reportedly attacked by one of the apex predators.

witness He told local station 7NEWS. In his final moments, Baccanello tried to save others from a shark that was approaching the group, telling his fellow surfers, “Don’t worry, come ashore.”

One surfer, Jayden Miller, who was in the water when the shark attacked, said he saw Bacchanello “gravestone”. What this meant was that the surfer was knocked off the board, dragged deep into the water, and left standing upright on the board. Tombstone.

Popular schoolteacher Simon Buccanero, 46, from Elston, South Australia, was reportedly attacked by a shark while surfing on Saturday.
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Police and rescue teams spent the weekend searching the Eyre Peninsula and resumed the search for Baccanello on Monday.
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“He’s Gone” Miller told advertisers in Adelaide. “[We] I saw a shark just thrashing from its back. The shark apparently let go and came back, catching it for the third time. ”

The brutal attack took place just over 100 feet offshore.

Baccanello has not been seen since, and police said he was presumed dead.

Part of the wetsuit and a block of polystyrene that may have belonged to the missing man’s surfboard were found by paramedics.

Last month, footage emerged of a “giant” white shark chasing a fishing boat in the area where Baccanello disappeared.
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These items will be forensically examined to determine their origin.

Police used boats and helicopters over the weekend to search the area, looking for Baccanello’s body, and resumed the search on Monday morning.

Superintendent Paul Barr, who is in charge of Air and Western Service Areas, said the search effort is now focused on the part of the coast where Bacchanero was attacked.

“The implication is that things in the water are washed ashore rather than washed out to sea,” he says.

As the search for Bacchanello continues, footage has emerged of a “giant” white shark spotted by boaters off the coast of South Australia last month.

Police recovered part of the wetsuit and debris believed to be from a surfboard.
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“Out of nowhere, this majestic and rather gigantic great white shark slowly rose to the surface,” says fisherman Michael Scheffler. told outlet 9news.

Baccanello moved to Elliston in January and had just started teaching math, science and physical education at the Elliston Area School.

Principal Chad Fleming said that although Bacchanello has only been a member of the community for a few months, he has become “endeared” by students and colleagues alike.

Baccanello, a math, science and physical education teacher at Elliston’s school, had just moved in in January.
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“He was a really nice guy and a really dedicated teacher,” Fleming said. “I’ve known this person for five months, but it feels like we’ve been together for ten years.”

Baccanello’s family released a short statement on Sunday, thanking local residents for their support and asking for “privacy as we deal with this tragic loss.”

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