Tears of the Kingdom players show off their outrageous wingsurfing skills

a The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears Players displayed impressive wing surfing skills. tears of the kingdom has been praised by fans and critics for its open-ended sandbox gameplay that gives players an array of powers to manipulate the world and its objects. Of course, it only took a few hours before players started doing wild and improbable things with the Nintendo-provided toolbox.

tears of the kingdomlike Breath of the Wild Before that, it offers the player a variety of powerful abilities at the start of the game, then unleashes them in Hyrule’s open-world environment, combining them as the player sees fit. The first power the player receives is called the Ultra Hand, an energy beam emanating from Link’s right arm that allows Link to lift almost any object and attach it to another.some players made Armored Core– style mech with it. One player discovered a clever way to use the Ultra Hand in combination with the Wing, a rideable glider found throughout Hyrule. tears of the kingdomgacha machine mechanic.

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Redditor of tears of the kingdom A subreddit known as Chubbysnow combined the abilities of the Ultra Hand with three Wing Devices, allowing them to travel much farther than one Wing Device was intended to do.once a player Start your Wing device, It’s only a matter of time before Wing self-destructs. Chubbysnow has found a way to triple the amount of time he spends in the air. They used the Ultra Hand to connect his two Wing devices, then launched his third Wing device on the airstrip in the Great Sky Island area of ​​the opening his tutorial. Things get even wilder from there.

Chubbysnow attached the Wing device they were on to the connected pair and used it while standing in the middle of the three. Versatile Ultra Hand Power Detach the front wing assembly just as the wing they were on begins to self-destruct. They continue until all three self-destruct. Chubbysnow squeezed out the equivalent of three Wing devices in one glide. Players can achieve similar glide times using gliders that are accessible fairly early in the game, but using Zonai’s abilities to achieve the same effect in a more ridiculous way quickly becomes a favorite. are becoming part of the game that tears of the kingdom experience.

Since its release, players have discovered and shared some ridiculous inventions and nefarious machines they’ve created using abilities like Ultra Hand and Fuse. Many of the most ridiculous machines were made using Zonai Devices, mechanical parts such as fans and wheels left behind by the ancient Zonai civilization. tears of the kingdomsan’s story.Players are already doing some things with their devices and powers Wild stuff like crucifying colocs For reasons that only make sense to them.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears Available on Nintendo Switch.

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