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Camryn Sully poses for an older photo in Marietta. (photo courtesy)

PARKERSBURG — As a young girl, Kamryn Sully looked up to Parkersburg South High School’s Southern Bell Dance Team and hoped one day to dance with them.

“Dancing has always been my love, and I always looked up to the Southern Bells when I was little.” Sally said.

Sully was a member of the Southern Bells team for all four years of her high school years, performing at home football and basketball games, parades and other events. Sally feels blessed to be part of the team. This year Bells won the National Dance Alliance Nationals Competition where he placed second.

“The Belles team has been a blessing to me. she said. “I love my team so much. It will be hard to leave them when I graduate.”

Sallee finds solace through dance, art and photography. She took art tutoring in her junior year and fell in love.

Kamryn Sully, center, standing with her parents, Tammy and Kevin Sully, at Parkersburg South High School’s Senior Night. (photo courtesy)

“I love my teacher” she said. “Mrs. (Stacey) White introduced me and was my biggest critic when I first started.

Sallee likes to create fun and vibrant art. She feels inspired by the art of Impressionism and Claude Monet.

“I believe that if you don’t enjoy making a piece of art, you won’t like the result, no matter how good it is.” she said.

sally won “Best use of colors” One of her works won first prize at the PSHS Art Show and another in the Wood Whisper Contest.

Sallee is a 3.8 GPA student at PSHS. She took several honors and college courses to prepare for her college career. This year, she’s taking photography and graphic design courses online at her University of Virginia West in Parkersburg.

Camryn Sally has dreamed of becoming a Southern Belle since she was a little girl.This photo was taken at Ohio University. (photo courtesy)

Sally will continue her education at WVU-P after graduation. She plans to major in business.

“I have always been a leader and a man in charge. The idea of ​​running your own business has always been something that interested me.” she said.

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Camryn Sally loves taking care of her little sister Taylor. (photo courtesy)

This work by Camryn Sully won “Best Use of Color” at the Parkersburg South High School Art Show. (photo courtesy)

This production by Camryn Sully hit #1 on Wood Whispers. (photo courtesy)

Camryn Sully and the Southern Bells Competition Team after receiving the 2nd Place Trophy in the NDA Nationals Competition. (photo courtesy)

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