The best first aid kits for at home and on the go

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There is nothing worse than having a wound and realizing your daughter used the last bandage on her stuffed animal. Or, in a worst case scenario, you find yourself unprepared in the event of a disaster. Here is a compilation of the best and most complete first aid kids so that you know you and your family will be prepared. Whether you need an OSHA compliant kit for the office or a well stocked kit for your camping trip—these are some solid options for all your first aid needs.

All you might need for basic first aid for up to 150 people. This wall mounted 3 shelf cabinet is perfect for a well stocked home, or a job site. In total there are 800 pieces included, as well as a booklet detailing basic first aid care. Depending upon your needs a smaller 2 shelf option, or a larger 4 shelf option are available. Heavy duty, white moisture resistant steel case which measures 5.75 by 14.0 by 17.0 inches. Contains all basic first aid for cuts, scrapes, burns as well as cold compresses and injury to eyes.

This is a great first aid kit when you are looking for a small size suitable for a space conscious location like your book bag, desk drawer, or car glove compartment. The case is waterproof and tough, and is only .53 pounds. The dimensions are 6.2″ x 4.4″ x 2.1″ The case is offered in two colors, black or red. The kit includes various bandages, tapes, antiseptic towelettes, sting relief pad, tweezers and more. When weight and size are important this is a good lightweight choice.

More than just your typical first aid kit, this kit is paramedic-approved and comes with 362 pieces of medical grade equipment. The kit comes with a first responder emergency orange tote bag with reflective strips for easy carrying.

This kit is more than just first aid, it also includes basic outdoors survival equipment you might need if you encounter an unexpected emergency while outdoors in the wilderness or in a disaster situation. In addition to a well stocked first aid kit, this camouflage backpack includes popular survival equipment such as a three-mode tactical flashlight, tactical pen, multi-function bracelet (compass and whistle), tactical knife, fire starter, glow sticks, and a fishing equipment set. Compact and lightweight, this is a good option if you want to be prepared for a more than a scrape or cut.

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