‘The business model wasn’t right’ – Variety

Fox Entertainment’s CEO addressed the decision to cancel.9-1-1]and the program Then moved to ABC He said on a conference call with reporters ahead of the network’s pre-presentation to advertisers in New York.

“We see shows in two different ways,” said Rob Wade, CEO of Fox Entertainment. “First and foremost from a creative perspective and how much we love creative stuff. The financial situation wasn’t going to work for this show, the business model didn’t suit us and the decision was made there that 20th TV would take the show back.”

On May 1, 9-1-1 was canceled by Fox, but a seventh season soon aired on ABC, and its sister series, 9-1-1: The Lone Star, continued on Fox for three years. was reported to be. its fifth season.

And fans of 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star shouldn’t get their hopes up about a crossover between the two shows now that 9-1-1 has moved to ABC. Good.

“When it comes to crossovers, the ‘9-1-1’ series has always been very difficult because of the very ambitious schedule of the series,” said Michael Thorne, president of scripted programming at Fox Entertainment. Told. “In any case, we couldn’t do it every year when both shows were on our network, so I think it’s highly unlikely.”

“9-1-1” was originally featured on Fox when the network and studio 20th Television belonged to the same company. But since Disney bought the studio in 2019, Fox no longer has the financial stake it once had, despite being one of the station’s most popular shows. According to people familiar with the production, the budget for each episode of “9-1-1” exceeded $8 million per episode, and that number climbed as the show progressed.

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