The Forgotten Skills Sales Teams Will Need to Relearn in 2023


As dealers prepare for the resurgence of the auto industry, they often find that the sales department has forgotten the skills that once laid the foundation for business success.Vehicle rarity and high prices have obliterated the need to lure customers, but as availability and competition have increased, successful sales professionals have resorted to tactics that have garnered so many buyers in the past. need to learn again. David Kane is president and owner of kane auto, spent 40 years in the automotive industry teaching managers and salespeople how to provide excellent service and customer care.In this episode of car interiorKane joins host Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss the forgotten skills salespeople need to navigate the 2023 auto market like a pro.

phone conversation

The employee-consumer relationship is the foundation of successful sales, and almost every relationship begins with a conversation. However, as many traditional methods of communication have been replaced by digital technology, it has become more difficult for dealers to gain the trust and loyalty of their customers in person or over the phone. “Good phone conversations and conversation control technology have really gone astray,” Kane says. He suggests that shop owners teach their staff some forgotten skillful conversation skills, and even practice with them on mock calls.

email marketing

Email has outlived many other forms of communication. lead generation and marketing worry. But because of its widespread use, few people have mastered the art of sending emails that pique the interest of readers and ultimately lead to sales. Kain offers a variety of helpful tips for writing successful messages and honing this forgotten skill.

1. Include the client’s name in the subject line. This is a great way to grab the reader’s attention and make the first interaction more personalized.

2. Minimize the word count of your email. Instead of feeling like you know too much, your customers should want to know more.

3. Please do not send an email without a question mark in the subject line. This will make your customers feel like they’re actually participating in the conversation and contribute more naturally.

Four. Don’t end the email with “Let me know if you have any questions.” Instead, provide specific information that customers can provide if they are interested.

excellent sales person They care about the customers they interact with. Their goal is to provide buyers with the best vehicle buying experience.without these forgotten skills, their department has had very limited success and is not optimized for repeat customers. increase. As Kane points out, “Guests never get tired of someone who really cares about what’s best for them.”

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