The Foundation Encounters a New Enemy

The following contains spoilers for Foundation Season 2, Episode 5 “The Sighted and the Seen,” which is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Foundation has been building a massive and rich world on screen, all inspired by Isaac Asimov’s original story. In Season 1, Hari Seldon’s Foundation survived the first galactic crisis with the help of Salvor Hardin. Now the Second Crisis is upon the people of Terminus, with no Salvor around to save them. As the Empire closes in on Terminus, Seldon, Gaal Dornick, and Hardin are attempted to create the second Foundation and the planet Ignis is calling to them. While they think they may find allies, all they find is more enemies.

The Foundation started as a group who was looking to perseve the important aspects of the galaxy in order to prepare for the fall of the Empire. They were essential galactic doomsday preppers. Yet, their real goal was to act as a force to oppose the Cleonic Empire. The Cleon’s have ruled the galaxy for centuries, using clones to always keep the same man on the throne. The Empire is cracking though and the Foundation is finding themselves in the crosshairs of the Empire’s Bel Riose. Another enemy on the planet of Ignis could spell certain doom for the Seldon’s dream.

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The People of Ignis Could Kill Hari Seldon’s Foundation

Foundation Ignis cult

Upon landing on Ignis, Hari Seldon was busy getting aclimated to being back alive, but Salvor was eager to explore. She left the ship only to met Hugo Crast, her former lover from over 100 years ago. He spun her a tale about being in cyro the entire time as well and Hardin bought it. It was only once Seldon saw “Hugo” that he knew something was wrong. It was a trap and the crew of the Beggar was taken captive. It wasn’t until later that they met their captors, the Mentalics.

The Mentalics, or Sighted are a group of telepaths who live on Ignis. They are refugees from all over the galaxy that have been called to Ignis. Gaal and Salvor fit right in with this group due to their mental abilities, and the group appears to welcome Gaal, Seldon, and Salvor. Gaal is hoping to start the Second Foundation on Ignis, and she believes that the Mentalics want the same thing. It’s quickly revealed though that the people of Ignis are not allies, but they are enemies who want to stop the Foundation.

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The Mentalics May Have Shared Gaal’s Vision of the Future

The Mule from Apple TV+ Foundation

When Gaal had her vision of the future, she met the intimidating villain known as The Mule. He was desperate to find the location of the Second Foundation and the Mentalics that were there. It was from this vision that Gaal learned of Ignis. With the current Mentalics on Ignis being hellbent on stopping the Second Foundation from forming, it may be that they shared Gaal’s vision. If the Mentalics saw the descruction of the galaxy and their part in it, they may natural want to try to change the future. If The Mule is driven to find the Second Foundation, then they may believe that stopping it from being created can stop the future. Gaal will have to convince the Mentalics to follow her and abandon their quest to stop her and Seldon’s dream.

It seems as if the whole galaxy is against the Foundation. Even though Queen Sareth is trying to destroy the Empire from the inside, Bel Riose is still coming for Terminus. Salvor, Gaal and Seldon are desperately trying to start the Second Foundation, which was suppose to have happened over a century ago. If the Mentalics continue to stand in their way though, the galaxy may be doomed to be destroyed and left in chaos.

Foundation streams new episodes every Friday on Apple TV+.

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