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We were talking about what would happen to Twitter’s ad revenue. Worse than previously expectedIn previous reports, advertising revenue was 40% down As many of the largest advertisers have had abandoned ship In the name of protecting the safety of their own brand. However, according to a recent report, advertising actually dropped by more than 70% in December, when he did. And since many of the remaining big advertisers had long-term contracts signed before Musk took over, and Musk’s idea of ​​”content moderation” seems to be mostly around, whether to renew or not. I have a question about. punish the haters, A literal Nazi revivalallowed the notorious Russian mercenary paramilitary Wagner Group PMC to recruit Americans to fight Ukraine.

This is why Twitter is begging advertisers to come back. Offer a $250,000 ad match For businesses willing to buy $250,000 worth of advertising.

Of course, in the midst of all this, I’ve highlighted in the past that the quality of advertising on Twitter has plummeted (even if the number of ads has increased by an absurd amount — 4 or 1 promoted tweets. will appear for each). 5 tweets now).

In any case, last week there was an article in the New York Times About the types of ads you see on Truth SocialRemember Tru Social, right? It’s the social network that Donald Trump “started” that basically promised to destroy the entire entertainment industry, starting with Twitter competitors and eventually he’s Facebook, Netflix, Disney, CNN, And even cloud services like his AWS and Google Cloud?

If you want to know how it’s going, remember, reports say Trump I’m currently planning how to cancel the contract Now that he’s at work, he can get back on Twitter.

Anyway, the ad there is… well… read for yourself.

Between posts on conspiracy theories and right-wing complaints, there was an unusual advertisement. A photo of former President Donald J. Trump holding a $1,000 bill made out of gold, which he apparently gave away to his supporters for free.

The bill wasn’t free, it wasn’t made of gold, it wasn’t provided by Mr. Trump.

The ad ran on Truth Social, a right-wing social network that Trump launched in late 2021.

Ads for major brands are not present on the site. A New York Times analysis of hundreds of ads on social networks found that Truth Social’s ad was instead about alternative medicine, diet pills, gun accessories, and Trump-themed trinkets.

Even Trump die-hards aren’t overly impressed with the quality of the site’s ads.

Truth Social’s poor quality ads have frustrated users over time. Users have complained about Trump by repeatedly seeing the same disturbing images or falling for misleading gimmicks.

“Could you please review the Truth ad?” asked one user in a post addressed to Trump. “I have been deceived many times.”

The Times article noted, “Most of the Truth Social ads reviewed by The Times use imagery designed to grab the user’s attention, such as grotesque eyeballs or skin anomalies, and are usually replaced by I’m not that mean to the community here, so I’m not going to show you screenshots of them (see them if you dare). Quality is, well, lacking.

Either way, if Elon continues Musking up Twitter, it wouldn’t be surprising if ad quality would head in a similar direction…

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