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At the end of many sporting events, teams will shake hands on the field, play hive fives, and say, “Good game…good game…good game…”.

It was this recurring tradition that inspired Dave Ienick to name his company good game companyis endorsed as one of the Southeast’s leading independent board game creators and distributors.

Earnick, owner and founder of The Good Game Co., said:Handshake in the middle of the field at the end of the game, just lots of handshakes and clap [and] He said, “Good game, good game, good game,” and that was one of the inspirations.

“Another reason is that it’s just a good name,” he added.

Find your passion for making games

A good name may help inspire a company, but Yearnick’s history with making board games dates back to the 1990s, when he joined two college roommates, Tim Walsh and Ed Muccini, in Tribond and It started when I invented a board game called

After college, Earnick began working in a clothing retail business, but continued to pursue freelance toy and game inventions and found himself more successful than his regular job.

“I became more successful in my side business than my main business, so I decided to pursue only the freelance toys and inventions that make up the bulk of the industry,” Earnick said. “Many of the items that medium to large toy companies like Mattel and Hasbro bring to market are actually invented by outside inventors who are freelancers, so I think that’s how the industry works. I entered.”

Around 2010, Yearnick shifted his focus solely to inventing games and toys and founded Moonrace Industries, which owns an outdoor sports toy line called Djubi.

He also eventually licensed around 20 board games before starting The Good Game Co. in 2018.

Joined The Good Game Company.

Cooper and Dave Yearnick and sales representatives from The Good Game Company.

The Good Game Co. was launched by bringing to market four games inspired by Yearnick’s longstanding ideas. The games are:

  • idiom addict
  • long words
  • epic beard game
  • doodad

Since 2018, the board game company’s product line has grown to 17 family or party game titles, including five versions of the game Not It!

Good Game Co., which includes Yarnick’s sons Cooper and Rudiger, also handles all aspects of game production, except for the manufacturing of the games themselves, Yarnick said.

The process includes:

  • come up with game ideas
  • Creating a test prototype of the game
  • Invite people to your game and play the test
  • artwork contract artist

Once packaged, The Good Game Co. works with vendors such as Barnes and Noble to arrange exclusive releases of certain game titles, making certain game titles available only to selected retailers for a set period of time. , says Yearnick.

Good Game Co. products are available at:

  • Amazon
  • the goal
  • Coles
  • Burns and Noble
  • P. Taylors of Greenville
  • Hollipops Fine Toys & Gifts in Simpsonville
  • Judson Bookstore in Greenville
  • greenville boardwalk
  • Not just playing games with Greer

For more information, see:

industry: toys and games

Year of establishment: 2018

Founder: Dave Ienick

Number of workers: 3 people (including Yarnick)

Games Released:

  • i am a poet
  • space chase
  • chunky monkey business
  • idiom addict
  • epic beard game
  • That’s not it! (camp chaos)
  • That’s not it! (Castle Land)
  • That’s not it! (Crazy Christmas)
  • That’s not it! (Mysterious Hunter)
  • That’s not it! (v.1.0)
  • bourdonkey
  • cowpy catapult
  • fuzzy logic
  • color scheme
  • #SquadUp
  • doodad
  • second thought

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