The inspiring story of Merlin, 81-year-old Chennai beggar who became Instagram English teacher

Meet Merlin, 81-year-old Chennai beggar who is redefining life by teaching English on Instagram

Merlin teaches English on Instagram @englishwithmerlin | Image: Instagram

Chennai: An elderly woman who used to be an English teacher in Myanmar and moved to India after her wedding was spotted begging in Chennai by a content creator. The chance meeting has changed her life.

Mohamed Ashik, 25, spotted 81-year-old Merlin, who used to move to India after getting married. “At a certain point, she lost everyone, all of her loved ones passed away one by one. She is all alone now,” Ashik said.

Merlin said, “So I have eat for myself. I must fill my stomach na, who will give me?”

English with Merlin

Ashik said that Merlin didn’t want to live at an old age home and felt comfortable where she was.

Merlin was overwhelmed when Ashik gifted her a saree. When he told her that he didn’t want her to beg, Merlin said, “If you don’t want me to beg, then how can I eat for my stomach?”

Ashik asked Merlin to help him make videos to teach English and he would pay her for every video.

He said, “I have made a deal with Merlin to help me make videos, and in return, I pay her back with any amount that I can afford. This is to encourage her to start teaching and avoid begging.”

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English with Merlin Instagram

Ashik made an Instagram account for Merlin’s English tutorials @englishwithmerlin.

In one video, Merlin is seen teaching basic English sentences to start a conversation.

In another Instagram reel, the elderly woman is seen sharing common daily-use sentences.

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Merlin also narrated the classic “The Hare and the Tortoise” story.

Interestingly, Merlin’s videos reached some of her students who came to meet her and even convinced her to move to an old age home.

“Our Merlin teacher has been joined in an Old age home, where she will be provided with safe and comfortable shelter, healthy food, along with love and care,” Ashik said.

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