The Long Dark v2.10 Update Patch Notes

long darkness is a survival game developed by Hinterland Studio in 2014. long darkness The patch notes for the v2.10 update include new changes and bug fixes to environments, sounds, user interface and gameplay. In addition, we have fixed some bugs in Challenge Mode and fixed some issues that occurred on Mac devices.I will quickly introduce you to the last of long dark Update v2.10 patch notes.

The Long Dark v2.10 Update Patch Notes

The Long Darkness -- A Story from a Far Realm -- Part 2 Update Video

Part 2: Signal Void

  • First Story “Signal Void”: Estimated 5+ hours to complete
  • Handheld shortwave radio: Used for transponder cache gameplay
  • Gameplay of Transponder Cache: Includes handheld shortwave, transmitter sight and traceable hidden supply cache
  • New bunker: Discovered as part of the story
  • 4 new clothing items: Hockey jersey, flight jacket, aviator cap and technical balaclava
  • New “surprise” accessory items: Only found as part of the story – check out the update video for more!

Note for Interloper players: The Prepper cache is back in the game, but without a fully stocked version. New stories are also not available in his Interloper.

Part 2: Free Stream

In addition to the contents of Part 2 of the Paid Expansion Pass, the following free updates have been applied to the basic survival game.

  • Fire-Enhanced Arrows: Good for hunting small prey
  • Enhanced Prepper Bunker: Includes visual updates, loot updates, and spawn updates. The prepper bunker is spread over more areas and has more hatches than before, but only three of him are fully stocked.
  • Enhanced beachcombing: Look out for new post-Blizzard loot and bigger items
  • Acorns and other oak trees: Make and eat acorns and make delicious acorn coffee

Detailed release notes

User interface

  • UI – Added unique icons for hardened/dried intestines.
  • UI – Updated Insomnia Suffering tooltip to reflect proper duration.
  • UI – Fixed an issue where accessibility options and keyboard bindings reset after updating the game to a newer version.
  • UI – Fixed instances of debug text appearing on the map screen after finding a visor note.
  • UI – Fixed an issue where players were unable to set a custom display number in the Settings Menu, locking the game to the primary monitor.
  • UI – Added correct “Cut” text that appears when using a hacksaw.
  • UI – Fixed an issue where pressing the “X” button on a controller in the crafting menu would play the wrong audio.
  • UI – Fixed an issue that caused the “Return Home” button to disappear when using a controller.
  • UI – Reviewed and adjusted translated text for TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY where necessary.

Environment and audio

  • Audio – Fixed wind sound effects not playing correctly when loading from a save file.
  • Audio – Fixed an issue where the wind was unobstructed when indoors, making it sound like the player was still outdoors.
  • Audio – Fixed an issue that caused incorrect footstep sounds to play when walking on carpet.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed a Terian that was unable to traverse near the Forsaken Airfield Fragile Cavern.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed floating items found inside the Mystery Lake trailer near the Carter Hydro Dam.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed graphical texture issues found throughout Forsaken Airfield.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed invisible corpses found in Carter Hydro Dam.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed loot placement in one of Broken Railroad’s caves.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed various floating objects found in Abandoned Airfield.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed visible texture seams found in some of the distant mountains of the Broken Railroad.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed an issue that caused the security hut to become invisible at certain distances.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed the light source in Pleasant Valley Farmhouse.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed an issue that caused water towers to pop in unexpectedly at certain distances in Mountain Town.
  • Environments – Removed numerous locations where players could become trapped in the Abandoned Airfield-wide environment.
  • Environment – ​​Fixed low resolution textures in the Hydrodam vault.


  • Gameplay – Updated the Memento Cache interloper spawn table and fixed an issue causing some keys to generate with invalid Memento caches. Note that modifications may not appear on existing saves if the player has already visited the location.
  • Gameplay – Fixed an issue where cat tail weights would be incorrect after being partially eaten.
  • Gameplay – Fixed an issue where saving and reloading while in another Snow Shelter would teleport the player to a pre-placed Snow Shelter.
  • Gameplay – Fixed an issue that prevented players from destroying scrub brushes found in the Broken Railroad area.
  • Gameplay – Fixed an issue where saving the game while crouched could cause the player to move vertically.
  • Gameplay – Fixed an issue where spray painted markers would not display correctly when applied to some trees.
  • Gameplay – Fixed hardened pelts floating off the ground.
  • Gameplay – Updated deer pelt icons to better match in-game items.

challenge mode

  • Fixed an issue that caused The Hunted Part 2 – Old Bear to leave inconsistent bloodstains.
  • The Hunted Part Two – Fixed an issue that caused Hunted Part Two’s journal text to disappear after reloading.
  • The Hunted Part 2 – Fixed missing rifle ammo in the Camp Office.
  • Darkwalker – Fixed an issue that caused incorrect text to appear when completing the Darkwalker challenge.

winter mute

** Please note that this section contains spoilers for WINTERMUTE. **

  • Episode 3 – Fixed an issue that could cause players to accidentally skip the cinematic when watching it for the first time.
  • Episode 4 – Fixed an issue where sound effects would cut out after the cinematic ended.
  • Winter – Added missing crafting icons.


  • Mac – Fixed an issue where players were unable to take screenshots using the ‘F8’ hotkey.
  • Mac – Fixed an issue where the “Press any button” and “Loading…” text on the loading screen would appear very small on Retina displays or other high resolution monitors.

long darkness is available to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.For more patch notes, please visit the game’s Steam official page.

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