The most expensive fast food takeaway chain

  • data that found customers in 8 popular fast food chains Felt I didn’t get enough for the price I was paying for the meal
  • Chik-fil-A, Panda Express, Chipotle, Wendy’s Taco Bell and McDonald’s follow Shake Shack and Panera Bread on the list of customer complaints
  • According to the data, Chik-fil-A had the lowest average price and ranked third in dissatisfaction, so higher food prices are not necessarily correlated with satisfaction.

US diners consider Shake Shack to offer the worst value of all US chains.

New data shows that the two restaurants top the list of eight popular fast food restaurants where customers feel they aren’t getting the food they’re paying for.

Data compiled by investment firms stifelfound that Shake Shack costs an average of $13.30 per serving, while Panera costs an average of $14.76 per serving.

Stifel aggregated price data for 20 cities and customer satisfaction based on the ratio of dissatisfied customers to the number of stores in each franchise.

That comes at a time when the US is still facing the effects of rising inflation, suggesting even fast food offerings. Little boon to the wallets of cash-strapped consumers.

The data showed that Chik-fil-A followed Shake Shack and Panera in poor customer satisfaction for the price, followed by Panda Express, Chipotle, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and finally McDonald’s.

Each chain has varying levels of dissatisfaction, with Shake Shack scoring a whopping 97 out of 100. This meant that quite a few people expressed their dissatisfaction compared to the number of chain stores.

Conversely, McDonald’s scored just 4 out of 100, based on the proportion of dissatisfied respondents compared to franchises.

Panera Bread scored 29 out of 100, Chik-fil-A scored 16, Panda Express scored 15, Chipotle scored 14, Wendy’s scored 6 and Taco Bell scored 4.

Customer satisfaction did not necessarily follow the ranking of average meal prices.

Chris O’Cull, Stifel’s managing director, said the data shows that pricing doesn’t always equate to customer satisfaction.

“Even though the price of the meal is cheap, some people perceive it as too expensive,” he said. market watch.

Panera was followed by Chipotle at $14.34, Shake Shack at $10.32 per serving, Wendy’s at $9.89, Taco Bell at $9.69, McDonald’s at $8.87 and Chikfilay at $8.87.

Panera Bread Follows Shake Shack in High-priced Consumer Frustration

Stifel’s data did not take into account all fast food restaurants in the United States.

For example, Five Guys ranked as on average more expensive than Panera Bread at $16.33 per serving, but was not among the best results.

It is unclear why some restaurants were not included in the data.

consumer satisfaction data Statista It turns out Five Guys has landed in the middle of a popular fast food chain, between Chipotle and Panda Express.

Chipotle’s chief financial officer defended the restaurant’s prices in a statement, telling MarketWatch that the average price of a chicken burrito is $9, “far lower than its fast-casual peers.” However, Stifel’s data takes into account the average price of a complete meal.

Shake Shack told, “On average, Shake’s burgers, fries and drinks are under $14, which is within the price range of other lunch and dinner options nearby and often more. “Cheap,” referring to a statement in the earnings report.

Inflation has eased in recent months, but January prices across the country are still up about 6.4% from the same period last year.

To meet that demand, restaurants are forced to raise their own prices and pass on the cost of doing business to customers.

Food inflation remained high at 10.1%, while energy prices, which fell in November and December as petrol prices fell, pushed inflation to an annual rate of 8.7%.

Panera Bread did not respond to’s request for comment.

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