The most realistic survival video game

The survival game genre is one of the most immersive in capturing a completely realistic experience through graphics, visuals, crafting systems, and more. Some works are less successful at achieving the same realism with art styles and mechanics such as: Mine Craft Or adding zombies.

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However, there are many games in the survival genre across all platforms It inevitably makes things more difficult as you pay close attention to the many parameters you need to maintain in order to survive. These following scenarios, environments and graphics make survival in game format as realistic as possible.

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8 mad max

Mad Max meandering through the Wasteland

Mad Max may envision a fictional, barren, post-apocalyptic wilderness populated by grotesque warring forces, but there are some realities when it comes to survival. As in the movie, Max also has a vehicle to traverse the environment here called the Magnum Opus.

Unlike most car driving games, gas burns quickly in this game, so you need to collect and fill it up all the time.

The back of the Opus also serves as a storage location for fuel cans for later use. Another factor to consider is Max’s health, which is dependent on food and water.

It’s the desert after all, so there’s a water bottle with water to drink for recovery. You can also find canned goods such as Dinki-Di dog food.

7 Forest and Sons of the Forest

Sons of the forest chopping down trees for logs

wood and its sequel, sons of the forestis a genre mix of survival craft simulators and aspects of survival horror that come in their form. fatally mutated cannibal They’re hunting you all over the island. Other than that, the graphics, animals, and weapons all look incredibly realistic.

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To make things even more realistic and enjoy the survival aspect without having to worry about hostile cannibals, both games can be played in peaceful mode. Craft in a forest environment, cut down some trees to build a base, hunt for food, collect water, and sleep soundly.

6 Strand deep

Stranded fishing spear in deep water

the premise of Strand deep It borrows from The Forest in that it’s about surviving a plane crash on a remote island in the have Negative status effect details With diarrhea, bleeding, poisoning, sunstroke, and drowning, there are already more realistic elements at play in an unfamiliar island setting.

Additionally, build meat skewers that you can craft to roast food over a fire, palm trees that you can climb to collect coconuts for feeding and hydration, and even water collectors to collect water. You can also Much like The Forest, but instead of dealing with cannibals, you’ll find sharks of many species and giant marine creatures that look surprisingly real.

Five medieval dynasties

Villager working in a sewing hut

When I think of games set in the Middle Ages, fantasy like fantasy immediately comes to mind. witcher and dark soul. medieval dynasties No sorcerers or dragons wreaking havoc on the villagers, instead presenting a more realistic life and survival sim that builds villages and makes everyone prosper.

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Use the weapons and tools of the time to hunt, build various structures, and farm to provide grain and crops to your villagers. You can also encounter all sorts of other wild animals on horseback, as well as his NPCs who will give you quests, and be prepared for seasonal weather. However, how fast it changes is not very realistic.

Four long darkness

Long dark dead timberwolf morale bar playing with a bow

Graphics may be far from the most realistic long darknessbut a harsh, frozen survival landscape and permadeath mechanic Acknowledge the difference. That’s right, just like in the real world, if you die from the ill effects of your survival journey, your character here dies permanently and is forced to start over with a new game.

Long Dark is also unique in that it differs from lush tropical island environments and warm forest and desert biomes. Instead, they are thrown into the frozen Canadian wilderness by a devastating geomagnetic storm.

Apart from their normal hunting needs for hunger, they must do their best to keep warm under weather conditions and avoid hypothermia. Clothing plays a big role.

3 this war of mine

18th day campaign where Ruby comforts and feeds Lydia while other survivors stand in other rooms

this my war The film presents a civilian perspective on war and is a story of survival very familiar to those living in a war-torn country. You take charge of a group of displaced survivors in the fictional Pogoren of Glasnavia, finding it difficult to meet the escalating war in their land, hiding behind basic needs for medicines, food, and other supplies. I’m having a hard time.

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There is a counter that shows the number of days the war has been going on, the temperature, the critical time to get out of the shelter, and a black-and-white photo of your character’s name and photo. As these characters, you make your own moral decisions about supplies that can mean life or death, and the fate of your survivors is all up to you.

2 Ancestors: Human Journey

A collage showing hominids eating and drinking water on the sides while a tiger stands in the center.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey presents a more realistic survival journey in prehistoric times than games like far cry primal and Ark: Survival Evolved. As the name suggests, this is the story of our hominid ancestors and the evolution over time that accompanies the environment in which their clan inhabits.

A project by the creative director of Assassin’s Creed 2 and brotherhood.

Your clan is made up of babies, adults, and old men, and dates back to 10 to 2 million years ago in the Neogene period of Africa. Ensuring survival and evolving as a species is at the heart of gameplay.

To grow in numbers, forage, mate, sleep, and avoid dangerous predators, you need to find like-minded mates. And when you die, you become a separate hominid from your own clan, so be careful not to go extinct!

1 green hell

A spear-wielding character stands by the banks of Green Hell's bright blue river and the surrounding foliage.

The most realistic survival gameplay experience is green hell. This takes you into the beautiful Amazon rainforest, but the natural elements of the environment don’t make things that beautiful for you.

One of the most realistic parts is the injury system. It has detailed wounds that can examine and treat infections and tears on any part of the body, no matter how small.

It explains in detail that you can get sick if you don’t wash your hands properly before eating, and that you need to take painkillers, rest, and drink water to lower your fever. The backpack’s inventory system is another element that successfully achieves a realistic design and limits on the items you can carry.

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