‘The Zone: Mission Survival’ Season 2 Releases New Poster and Explainer Video

It was previously announced thatThe Zone: Survival MissionNow that Season 2 has been decided and the premiere date is approaching, a new teaser poster and “AI 2.0 Explainer Video‘ released.

Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Sooand lily Come back with irreplaceable chemistry and once again find yourself in an even more extreme survival situation.

The teaser poster and “AI 2.0 explainer video” released on May 23, Korean standard time, received a warm response from countless fans who have been waiting for Season 2 of “The Zone: Survival Mission”. Specifically, the video features clips spanning the following eight episodes: Haunted hospitals, island escapes in the middle of the ocean, different games on swaying skyscraper bridges, and life in a zombie-infested water park.

“The Zone: Survival Mission Season 2” will only be released on June 14th (KST). disney plus.

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