This insane ‘survival’ ax can do everything from cracking beer to chopping up zombies

Photo: Off-grid

pocket knife and multi tool It’s good for everyday carry, but you might be looking for something with a little more punch.

survival ax elite Off-grid tools. not the first time multifunctional ax It’s definitely the most versatile I’ve seen.

Photo: Off-grid tools

Marketed as “The Ultimate Survival Tool”, this black hatchet contains 30 different tools, including:

  • Fully resharpened hatchet blade
  • hammer
  • pry bar/wedge
  • pointed hook
  • nail puller/wire twist
  • Hex wrench
  • Spanner (for hose fittings)
  • gas shutoff
  • Folding sauser blade (replaceable)
  • can opener
  • bottle opener
  • grass breaker/punch
  • Strap cutter (replaceable)
Photo: Off-grid tools

The 1055 carbon steel tongue and glass-reinforced nylon handle make it relatively lightweight. Also, at just under a foot long, he’s compact enough to fit in your car’s glove box.

Photo: Off-grid tools

And if you’ve ever been caught in the “death” of a zombie apocalypse, it helps you stay alive.

The Survival Ax Elite price has been reduced from $89 to $59 during the holiday season. As we have shown, it is best suited for survivalists and walking dead All the fans.

buy from innovation factory now.

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