This popular vegan meat shows amazing benefits in reducing colon cancer risk


eatable fungi-based meat Can animal-based meat alternatives help prevent colon cancer? A new study done by researchers at the University of Northumbria looks promising.

Posted in European Journal of Nutritionthe first of its kind study We investigated the effect on genotoxin levels of substituting mycoprotein meat (a fungus-based meat) produced by British brand Quorn in place of red or processed meat.

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“Intestinal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, with over 40,000 new cases each year. Data consistently link red and processed meat consumption to increased risk for people.” Principal Investigator Daniel Commane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Northumbria University, said in a statement.

“Previous research suggests that reasons for this increased risk include the fact that meat increases genotoxicity and may reduce fiber intake as it generally replaces plant foods. , we wanted to investigate the impact of switching meat to fungi-based mycoproteins, which is associated with colon cancer risk,” Commane said.

In the study, researchers collected urine and stool samples from 20 adult men aged 18 to 50 who underwent two dietary stages. For two weeks, they consumed 240 grams (8.5 ounces) of red meat and processed meats, including beef, daily. Steak, pork sausage, ham slices. In the next phase, the participant consumed the same amount of mycoprotein meat daily, and he had a 4-week washout period between the two phases.


Researchers found that during the mycoprotein phase, genotoxins such as nitroso compounds (NOCs) and p-cresol, chemical contaminants known to be potential cancer risk markers, were significantly reduced. That’s it. This stage also showed an increase in good gut bacteria such as Lactobacillus, Rosebria and Akkermansia. All of these have been shown to protect against tumors, inflammation, and colon cancer.

The meat stage showed significantly different results, with elevated levels of notable genetic toxins and unfavorable gut bacteria associated not only with cancer but also with cardiovascular disease, weight gain and other adverse health effects. rice field.

“This study showed that this dietary change resulted in a significant reduction in genotoxicity and an increase in beneficial gut microbes.” It provides an excellent alternative to meat from a health standpoint, suggesting that it may help reduce long-term bowel cancer risk.

Quorn Mycoprotein Meat

Quorn’s first product, made using a fungal microorganism called “Fusarium Venenatum”, came out in 1985. Using a process of microbial fermentation, the company has released a variety of mycoprotein-based meat-free ground meats, sausages, chicken, and more.

“This latest study shows that mycoprotein, a nutritious protein source, offers substantial health benefits in protecting against a variety of diseases and conditions,” said Tim Finnigan, scientific advisor at Quorn Foods. This adds to the growing evidence that

Many organizations, such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization, have called for limiting the consumption of animal meat because of its association with cancer. It shows that alternatives such as protein may help reduce risk.

“With official dietary advice encouraging everyone to consume less meat to improve the health of people and our planet, we should have a superior nutritional profile, high in protein and fiber, low in saturated fat, Alternatives such as trans-free Quorn’s mycoprotein-fat and cholesterol are really important,” Finnigan said.

“While many meat alternatives are plant-based, mycoprotein is fungi-based and, as new evidence suggests, offers a range of additional benefits for metabolic health.

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Quorn’s reach extends beyond the UK and its products are Drew BarrymoreLast year, the brand named an iconic actress and named the TV host “Chief Mom Officer” to help Americans eat less meat.

Quorn has many vegan products, but some of their meat-free products are not vegan This is because it contains animal products such as eggs.

Health Benefits of Vegan Meat

While this study explored Quorn’s mycoprotein-based meats, plant-based meats have also been the subject of recent research.

A study published last year in a scientific journal foodresearchers found that eating five meals made with plant-based meat (in this case from British brand Meatless Farm) instead of one made with animal-based meat improved gut health. Here, participants saw an increase in butyric acid, a fatty acid that reduces inflammation to promote digestive health and protect against disease.

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Conversely, research continues to strengthen the link between animal-derived meat consumption and increased risk of colorectal cancer. study A study conducted by researchers at Tufts University and Harvard University investigated the effects of ultra-processed foods on the risk of colorectal cancer.

They found that men who ate the most ultra-processed foods had a 29% higher risk of colorectal cancer.In particular, the strongest associations between colorectal cancer risk in men and ultra-processed foods were from meat, poultry, and fish products

last year, American Cancer Society has entered into a multi-year partnership with Beyond Meat to explore the role of vegan meat in cancer prevention, with the aim of empowering consumers to make more informed choices about their health-optimizing dietary patterns. was investigated.

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