This Week in History: Remembering the Soldiers of Trenton on This Memorial Day

With just a few days left until Memorial Day, individuals and groups across the country are preparing to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend their country. Generations of fearless men and women have been called upon to defend the freedoms and values ​​that each of us holds dear. As a community with a long and proud history, many of these brave people now call the capital their final home. Join us in this timeless tale as we celebrate and remember the lives and legacy of some of the region’s bravest warriors.

As a revolutionary community, the City of Trenton has known the meaning of sacrifice since our country’s earliest days. Trenton was the center of some of the Revolutionary War’s most iconic moments, including Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River and the stunning victory over the British at the Battle of Trenton. Washington and his army fought valiantly at the Battle of Trenton, with only five Americans wounded in the skirmish. The battle is often seen as a turning point in the American Revolutionary War and played a key role in ensuring American victory over Great Britain. Without these brave men and those who helped the soldiers along the way, no country might be celebrating this upcoming holiday.

But unfortunately, for as long as we remember such opportunities, many have historically been neglected, despite their great toll. Due to systemic racism and prejudice, many African American soldiers do not receive the same respect and honor as white soldiers. On Memorial Day and every day, we must honor and preserve the legacy of those who fought valiantly for us today. This is why historic sites like Locust Hill Cemetery preserve a more complete and accurate view of American history and life.

Locust Hill Cemetery is a valuable historical resource to our community and a sacred place to honor the black lives lost in battle. Ten African-American Civil War soldiers are buried in Locust Hill Cemetery. Their exact location is unknown and their true identities “only God knows”, but their presence is a testament to their devotion to the bright world. Suppose you are interested in honoring these people on this Memorial Day. In that case, the Kiwanis Club of Trenton will hold a memorial service at Locust Hill. Learn more about. Locust Hill Memorial.

If you want to explore other historic sites in Trenton and pay tribute to the fallen on this Memorial Day, visit the Old Barracks Museum, Trenton Battle Memorial, Mill Hill’s “Washington Crossing Delaware” Memorial, First Memorial You can explore some fascinating finds such as Cemetery of the Presbyterian Church.

These and many other spots are here to explore and learn. Experience history up close for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.



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