Thrasher Magazine – A Team Manager’s Survival Guide

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Picture this — you are in Winterset, Iowa. It’s 9:40pm and the van is full of exhausted and hungry skaters, all wanting Indian food for dinner. Is there Indian food in Iowa? Are there any restaurants in town open after 8pm? How many beers are these guys going to order? Will Praman wake up and get to the van tomorrow morning? Well, I’m just a photographer, so I don’t usually have to think about things like this. But I got a call from higher ups telling me they needed to man the ship for this Midwest mission. myself? ! Videographer from Minnesota! You can’t be a team manager! There was no wiggling it, so before we loaded up the van, we called the legendary TM for advice on how to handle this horde of rowdy thugs. That’s right.

But first, watch Mason and Jack get into the van. three seasons For Tim’s first foray as TM

Cole Mathews TM Thrasher Magazine 500Cole Matthews, Stereo TM 2004-2006, Element TM 2010-2017

TM’s job is very simple—you’re supposed to pay for things, keep everyone moving, and keep your energy high. know the place We’re not the ones who keep skateboarding. When we die, no one will come to our funerals, but there will be a parade for your riders. If someone was drunk all the time, rude, and blowing off the whole time, I wouldn’t come on my next trip. A good way to keep group morale high is to establish who will be the punching bag. It could be the person with the biggest luggage, the last person in the van each morning, or the rider who ordered an extra takeaway meal at dinner.
Tanner Vanvark SW Hurricane Schreiner DZDespite the clear skies, there was a 100% chance of a hurricane switching in the Midwest. Van Vark confirmed it.

Gage Boil Ice Cream Schreiner DZ
Somehow there's still a crappier TMS
Gage Boyle FS Blunt Schreiner DZGage Boyle front blunt in his best heath fit

Tim Grinding Truck Shriner DZ
oh my god beer
181 sheetsDrop-down Boardslide Accustomed Mason Heads Off In Iowa

Jay Thorpe TM Slasher Magazine 500Jay Thorpe, Brixton TM 2009-2010, Baker Boys TM 2011-Present

CHOOSE YOUR CREW Depending on how they travel together. I’m not going to let Kirby, Pedro, and Foy go on a trip. Make sure everyone has a bed. We skate, we work and we all need to sleep well and eat well. Please everyone stay together. I don’t like it when people start to spread out. Riders are advised not to start drinking beer until late in the afternoon, but I’m not going to tell anyone I can’t. If everyone wants to enjoy a beer later, everyone is fine. You have to say no to certain things. Obviously, you’re friends with everyone, but you should know that we’re on a trip for a reason. You are strict and need to stand your ground. I know it’s about skaters, but we all have to work together.
Thrasher Magazine Real Skateboards Patrick Spurman Frontside Hurricane 750
Front Hurricane after Foy cut the kink.Praman can be with the best

don't take anything too personal
Tanner Vanvark sitting Schreiner DZ
Scuba DZ 1“Scuba” Steve Sharm, éS TM 2006-2010, Nike TM 2010-Present

Riders need to make sure they do their job You can get everything you need for that. Take care of them, get your products and make sure they are productive. Basically, help them achieve their dreams. Recognize that everyone is human and not just skaters in vans. Do your best and do your best, but don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Respect the skater and the skater will respect you. And even if they aren’t cool or kind to you, at least you can live knowing you did your job.
Tim Filming Schreiner DZ Copy
Patrick Spurman FS Crook Schreiner DZPatrick Plaman, an old malt hangout crook.Have your child hit snooze a few times

Thrasher Magazine Real Skateboard Gauge Voile Backlip 750Gage gets it done with big league back lip

Mason Silva Fakie Ollie Schreiner DZ CopyKC’s Fakie ollie, nothing dangerous heading into SOTY 2020

175Malto happened to be at KC when we passed.

Smith DZSam Smith, Crailtap TM 1999-Present

Overall, patience is the key. you are always waiting for something or someone It is important not to worry about where and when you will get there. On long drives, I like to stretch my legs, so I stop whenever I need someone. Carroll had a different philosophy.He bought a dozen big Gatorades, threw them away, and was like, ‘We don’t stop.’ Team management is like taking care of cows. Wanderers must be monitored and returned to the crew. When someone says I’m going for coffee, you have to say, If possible, incorporate vacations into your travels. If you’re in the Midwest or Northwest, you’re always looking for rivers. Jumping into water is always a good recharge. Beware of burning people out on long trips. I rarely skate at night now. I was bringing a generator to Europe! We were serious about skating all night. Went until 3am, got back in the van at 10am and did it all over again. It’s going to be insane!
Thrasher Magazine Real Skateboards Mason Silva 5050 Pop Over 750Backside 50-50 pop over, he won’t stop

Mason Silva Heelflip Shriner DZMason hacks a heelflip while Tweaker lounges in the mountains.You never know what the streets will hold

Karl Watson Portrait Look 3 Full Res DZ Copy DZ 500
Karl Watson, Organica TM 2002-2015, adidas TM 2018-present, Maxallure TM 2018-present

Some authority must be established Or travel to hell. Sometimes you have to say no and be willing to step in. Don’t spend too much on dinner. If people want to buy alcohol they have to put it in their own tab. I also like to keep drinking in the van to a minimum. Keep the van clean and throw out the trash. Always be as prepared as possible. I brought a bunch of shirts that stay in the van and guess what? You’ll find plenty of skaters wearing the company’s products! Also bring extra griptape and tools. everyone needs those things. If you want to do more than that, bring your own bondo, rubbish bricks, and spray paint. You may come across someone who will smooth out the spot if you reapply later. you never know!
Gage Boil Water Schreiner DZ
you must be able to say no
Mason Silva Ollie Over Nosegrind Schreiner DZOllie Heading To The Nose Grind — Mason Never Gets The Job Done

Mason Silva Spray Rail Schreiner DZlike he wasn’t there…

ive brought a machete on my trip
Jack Olson Feeble Schreiner DZ CopyWeak from head to toe, Jack Olson cuts into the Heart of America

Alden DZ 500John Alden, DLX TM 2007-Present

Good to have a tour guide Wherever you go, a local photographer is your best bet. A good guide can make or break a trip. We used to do a lot of antihero trips without guides and we just made it happen. We freestyled everything, didn’t know where, just ran around and found shit. But those were different times. The trip was great and we got a lot of shit but now it’s a little more structured. I think. It definitely didn’t exist. Digital spotbooks have changed travel forever. Always come prepared. Duct he had a roll of tape, a small metal plate to tape the cracks in, a razor blade, a skate tool, I brought a machete on my trips and it came in handy immediately. I flew around with ice packs and packed grip tape, shirts and tools. Check it on the plane, drop your gear when you arrive, and you already have a cooler for your trip.
Jack Olson FS Tail Shriner DZJack tailslides into the hardest Midwestern landing we can find.

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