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Far Cry New Dawn is a sort of sequel spin-off of far cry 5, One of the best selling games of ubisoftpopular franchise. As such, much of it has been criticized for feeling like a rework, even as the developer strives to offer something new without abandoning his FC5 loose end.

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With the release of far cry 6 and the DLC that followed, people are coming back to New Dawn to see what the often-overlooked entry is. While the game has its weaknesses, it still has the signature brand of Far Cry fun we know and love. indicate.

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Ten Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

Joseph Seed standing over a cultist with arms raised.a church with

This seems like a no-brainer, but if for some reason you’re playing New Dawn without playing Far Cry 5 first, most of the story won’t make sense. The thing is, pretty decent shotguns, OP shovels, and optimism are the rewards you’ll receive at the start of New Dawn if you finish FC5.

If you’re tired of starting a new game with a higher-ranked weapon than you need, show more power. But since so many of New Dawn’s mechanics and companions are copies of 5’s, playing 5 first can give you an edge in starting the game.

9 jump on an expedition

The expedition menu will open showing the location, rewards and objectives for each mission

Expedition is a really cool feature that allows you to do short and easy recovery missions on different maps based on specific environments in the United States. Each mission is swarming with enemies, and it’s your job to level the area by taking packages from under them.

These missions can be difficult, but the first one is fairly easy and provides a lot of material that acts as a “starter pack” to get your base up and running. Expeditions are never something you should do, but it’s fun to hone your skills in a unique environment for the purpose of more than just killing everyone in an area. Worth trying with friends in play.

8 Can you see the starter weapon?toss it

Detailed view of Saw Launcher with stats under horizontal background

Let’s be real: all Rank 1 weapons are hot garbage. A couple left especially after the tutorial are: Yes, even the Thor Launcher. Its aimbot’s ricochet projectiles are pretty cool, but only practical in groups and take too long to load.

Second, once you get enough ethanol to upgrade one of the facilities, first make sure it’s a weapon workbench. Until then, keep a Gun for Hire on hand just in case, or prioritize melee takedowns. Throwing weapons such as throwing knives are among the best weapons in the game. It can do great damage and can also be crafted in the Weapon Wheel.

7 get a set of wheels

The captain on the ATV facing the camera, Nana sitting on the passenger.

Hope County is certainly one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Far Cry series, but besides picking up materials, there isn’t much to explore to get the most out of the game. It is recommended to travel by car or ATV while in nature and on the move.

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Getting out of sticky situations, getting into ethanol trucks, hostage cars, and escaping hostile wildlife just got easier. If you abandon or blow up your vehicle, look for it near the road or homestead as there should be an ATV or truck nearby.

6 Boil down outposts for more rewards

Wolves and wild animals standing around a dilapidated church.Enemy corpse lying in the dirt

Another mechanism that separates New Dawn from its predecessors is the ability to choose to take over conquered Outposts or return them to Highwaymen. If you choose the latter, it will be harder to get it back again, but the reward you will receive is much better.

As the story progresses, FC5’s familiar foes will give you new Eden’s Gift powers. It comes with its own deck of upgradeable abilities mid-game. So don’t feel like you have to kick the outpost right away. Prioritize following the story to unlock these new abilities, especially the perk Wrath, which basically turns you into the incredible Hulk for a few seconds.

Five Prioritize perks

The perks menu will light up in pink, showing each perk you have acquired.Grapple park description with visualization

New Dawn’s perk system is almost identical to Far Cry 5. Find Perk Magazines in Prepper Stashes and use those Perks to get cool new abilities. After finding your first few stashes, you’ll have enough Perk Points to get at least two Perks. Repair Torch and Grappling Hook are the first and second most important perks on the list.

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The grappling hook is simple and gives access to high spots where rare loot is often hidden. These spots are also great as sniper perches or to parachute through enemy encounters. A repair torch might just be the best item in the game. In addition to repairing damaged vehicles and destroying safes, it does a fair amount of damage and can even set enemies on fire.

Four Unstoppable Takedown for Easy Elite

First person view of a player stabbing an elite enemy's throat.

It might be squeaky at first to sink so many points into practically a single perk, but it’s worth getting advanced takedowns and subsequent upgrades. is that you don’t need stealth. Not only can you run up to someone and stab them in the neck with a knife, you can even immediately throw a melee attack at another enemy.

Regardless of your loadout, companions, or odds, maxing out your takedown ability is a great way to take out high-ranked highwaymen in seconds.

3 Buff your ride or die

Guns for Hire menu with pictures of each.Nana demonstrates her ability and stands on the right side

everyone has their own view of who best companion in the series But New Dawn has some familiar favorites. Unlike Far Cry 5, each gun his four his hire has a special ability that can be unlocked by getting more kills.

Abilities mostly align with companion weapon classes, and their strengths are useful depending on whether you find yourself on the front line or supporting snipers. Because Hurk’s later abilities allow him to blow up moving vehicles, and Horatio is an immortal pokey powerhouse.

2 unleash the power of the shovel

First person player pointing a shovel at a highwayman in the distance

If you’ve played Far Cry 5, you’re familiar with the indomitable force of optimism: the smiling shovel. Throw this weapon at enemies to instantly kill them, or hit them to occasionally stagger them.

Unlike other thrown melee weapons, it can be thrust forward like a spear and does not rotate, resulting in longer range and greater damage. It also sticks to where it lands instead of rolling, making retrieval much easier.

1 Hunt for loot, not for fun

First person player riding an ATV down a river fleeing aggressive buffalo

Hunting is technically a New Dawn mechanic, but it’s not as complicated as it seems in practice. red dead redemption 2A lot of the materials you get from hunting common animals are, as you might imagine, very common in their own right and not really worth the bullets you’re putting into them.

Prioritize production of giant animals such as bears and buffalo. Because these drops are more rare and essential for crafting high rank weapons. Also, you don’t need super powerful weapons to kill these animals. Cheese the AI ​​and use your companions as a distraction.

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