Tower of Fantasy showcases the ocean, her magic card trick-based combat, and skills.


fantasy towerThe latest simulacrum of Umi, on sale February 23rdhowever, the team released a showcase showcasing their latest roster option known as the “Unlucky Optimistic Girls”.

Umi, who wants to become a great magician, wields a whip-like weapon, Mobius. Use to unleash normal elemental attacks and more in style. Umi’s introduction says he was a match for Executor and worked as an outpost security guard, but it appears to be deprecated in the preview. More lore and storytelling probably It becomes clear when the sea is freed.

If you decide to put the sea on your roster You can unleash a combo normal attack or set up a charged attack that can launch enemies. Her weapon skill, It’s Magic Time, is triggered by combat and warms up her points. She gains some when in combat. Using her skill causes her magical playing cards to appear in the air, attracting and slowing enemies within a certain range, giving Umi or her teammates a chance to punch them.

Using this skill not only makes her temporarily invulnerable, but also puts her in a magical trick state. This is her core state and the key to effective use of the sea.During battle, you can obtain cards that can be used to determine her magic. While in the Conjuring state, she can guarantee hearts or spades and can continue to choose to draw her cards, the combination of cards she gets determines what she uses. For example, the card Contradiction Corrosion, a skill under her magic, provides instant HP recovery and continuous area damage. For this you need to draw two hearts. Others have various effects.

In fact, to be truly successful at sea, you must learn how to use Moebius effectively and bring good luck to your cards. You will be able to act immediately.

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