Troy Baker Explains Perseverance and Survival


“Sometimes you just want a good superhero story.”

Last of Us Episode 5 delivered a nerve-wracking action sequence, but it’s not without another heartbreaking story at its core. This time we met Henry and Sam in Kansas City. For a short time, Ellie became Sam’s respected friend. In the survival drama, co-creators, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann We have used children to symbolize our dystopian future. First, Joel’s daughter Sarah was used to show how the world collapsed around him. I see you are

Ellie was then introduced as Hope, whom he didn’t want to believe in, but ultimately takes responsibility for. , pulls its title and theme directly from the universe savage starlight comics Collected by Ellie, the protagonist chants the slogan “Endure and Survive”. Avid fans of the game know what this phrase stands for, Troy Baker,host Last of Us The podcast explains what that means for the series.

“Craig on the show [Mazin]in writing, we can revisit ‘endure and survive’,” he said. Last of UsJoel and Henry had a great ‘endure and survive’ moment. And Henry is like, “I don’t know.” And Joel says, “It’s not that great of a line, anyway.” We see this exchange between Henry and Joel in the tunnel where Sam and Ellie found the comic.

The Last of Us Savage Starlight Comic
Image via Naughty Dog

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What does “endure and survive” stand for?

Baker said: And that’s the point, it represents this lost purity. Elaborating further, he said, “Sometimes you want a good popcorn movie. Sometimes you want a good superhero story. And that moment reminds us of what we already know.” You also get an incredible way to build on things, or “endure and survive”. By enduring and surviving with help, you become more endurable.

Last of Us Episode 6 will be released on February 19th. See Barker’s comment below.

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