Trump Lawyer Claims Client’s Non-Existent ‘Authority’ in Outrageous CNN Interview

Jim Trustyex-president’s attorney donald trump The classified documents lawsuit invoked the Presidential Records Act to defend President Trump for failing to comply with a Justice Department subpoena issued last year when he was not president. (You can see his defense below)

CNN‘s Sarah Snyder admitted in an interview with the Trustee Wednesday that “no president is above the law,” after her client ignored a subpoena seeking the return of classified records from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion. I asked my lawyer why.

“later FBI When I asked for the boxes, they came back looking for 15 more boxes and didn’t pay attention to the subpoena. So why am I asking? As a citizen, I would pay a hell of a price,” Snyder said.

“Well, you don’t have declassification authority under the Presidential Records Act, and you’re definitely not the current president,” Trusty said.

Trusty’s remarks came just over a week after President Trump made false allegations in Congress. CNN City Hall A document under the Act, enacted several years after Watergate, reads:automatically declassifiedand, when taking them to his estate, he was “allowed” to take them.

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