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Sunday, April 9, 2023

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Former President Donald Trump Photo: WCBS via CNN Screengrab

“The Branch” will air over the next two weeks, focusing on what’s happening in the key battleground state of Florida. It is now the home of Donald Trump and also the home of Governor Ron DeSantis (R) Florida. As history shows, it’s the state Republicans (and often Democrats) “must win” to win the White House. That he will be a point of contention in 2024. Let’s “brunch” on it this week.

“Trump Indictment” – The former president appeared in a Manhattan courtroom and simply pleaded “not guilty” to the 34 indictments against him. Not limited to a mixed bag. “This is the start of Donald Trump’s campaign,” Trump’s 2024 campaign said, pointing to opponents of Trump who said it had raised $8 million in just the past week since the impending indictments were leaked. “These are felonies in New York, no matter who you are,” said District Attorney Alvin Bragg. “We cannot and will not normalize serious criminal activity,” Bragg added.


‘Trump goes home to Florida to respond’ – Trump held a rally at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach County, Florida, Tuesday night after his arraignment in New York. While he was in court, the judge warned both Trump’s team and prosecutors against making provocative remarks that could incite civil unrest and violent protests on either side. While not encouraging violence that night, Trump said from Florida, “I have a judge who hates Trump, along with a wife and family who hate Trump.” I don’t see it as a threat or a call to action, but my intuition is that in this case Trump, being the “showman,” will often test the judge’s consideration of the chest of drawers.

“Legal Timeline” – After Trump’s arraignment, the judge said he would next meet the two sides at a hearing in December 2023. oh! This indicates a likely preview of early primaries in February 2024 in South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire. This means criminal cases can play out on the same timeline as the presidential campaign. “This case could go to trial in the spring through the fall or in the second half of 2024.” It states that it means that it may be done at exactly the same time. As I have previously reported, Trump’s indictment or conviction does not prevent him from becoming a candidate or president.

“Pay Piper” – As if there wasn’t enough drama this week, another gem appeared on Wednesday, the day after Trump was indicted. ordered to pay. She sued Trump for defamation and lost. Daniels, of course, is at the center of the lawsuit against Trump. He allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money to silence her relationship with Trump, through his then-lawyer Michael Cohen. you calculate She earned her $8,000 in her eight years of silence. But perhaps she wins in principle. Let’s see.

“Romney Reaction” – Personally, everyone in the Republican Party who could be against President Trump is furious about the indictment. They’re not necessarily defending him, they’re attacking the process. why? Well, if Trump were fatally wounded, no one in the Republican Party would want to feel under attack. Even if Trump is out of office at some point, we want to be able to vote with his die-hard supporters. He is not suitable for the office.” But Romney added, “Still, I think New York prosecutors have reached out to felony criminal charges to fit the political agenda.” Romney added, “Nevertheless, I think New York prosecutors have reached out to felony criminal charges to fit the political agenda.”

“Freedom of the Press, Defeated?” – Sorry, I am not sure. The judge allowed access to his five photographers in court, but not live or recorded video cameras for television or webcasts, or audio for radio. Folks, as the old saying goes, “the best disinfectant in public is sunlight.” Let the American public see the whole process of warts and more unedited live on his stream. That’s what CSPAN offers the United States House and Senate, and what so many state courts do today. Banning live TV cameras is outdated. I say this from a legal and political point of view. Yes, Trump has been indicted, but he’s still the 2024 presidential candidate. Show the public raw and unedited and then let the voters decide.

‘Biden Wins Key Opponent’ – To the surprise of many, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Wednesday that he will challenge President Joe Biden for re-nomination in 2024. He is the son of the late Robert Kennedy (Democrat) New York Senator who was assassinated while running for president in 1968. But to the surprise of many, Kennedy was very much against childhood vaccinations and very much against COVID-19 his vaccines. His 30% of Democrats don’t want Biden to be his 2024 nominee, according to his new CNN poll last week.

“Another Candidate Announcement” – I am sick of this being framed as just a Trump vs. DeSantis competition. If the field gets crowded, and I expect it, all bets are off. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Halley (Republican) is also on board. Former Vice President Mike Pence continues to nibble on the edges, but I say he’s in. Hot tubs may have more.

“Another president from Arkansas?” – Former Gov. Eartha Hutchinson (R) Arkansas said this week he would also run for president. He has a long and impressive resume, most recently serving eight years as governor. He is a U.S. Congressman, administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration under President George W. Bush, and a former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. Prior to that, Hutchinson was a US attorney under President Reagan. Hutchison is a “dark horse,” but keep an eye on him. he can be a factor. Media people, give him and other non-Trumpers airtime!

Mark Curtis, Ed.D. is the Chief Political Reporter for seven Nexstar Media TV stations serving media markets throughout West Virginia, five contiguous states and Washington, DC. He is also his MINDSETTER™ contributing political writer and analyst for and its affiliates.

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